More sketches

Markers worked for a few of the details but not for the hotel. I do have acrylic paint. That works. I keep going. I’m all for painting texture pages but now there’s scrapbook patterns. Writing a book is harder than working on one piece. I’ m working on a million pieces at once. I’m goingContinue reading “More sketches”

Lines and Shapes

I almost had a good idea and then I messed up. It happens A LOT. I do love the circles and lines, Lines can be graceful, calm or chaotic. Monotones of blue could represent faith, tranquility, and connections. All good words to describe love. I can add circle, triangle and heart shaped lines with dotsContinue reading “Lines and Shapes”

…nature speaks

Inspiration follows me everywhere and I love when it happens. I am so exicted!I had to write about it right now, on a day that I don’t usually write. This art got a makeover yeah these words, I’m really feeling them A teacher assigns a writing assignment about a time when you felt one withContinue reading “…nature speaks”

2018 Art Lessons

I want to take the last days to reflect on my art. There have been many MANY lessons that I’ve learned. Yet it seems I haven’t learned enough. I’ll never forget the terrible day I deleted my finished book, TWICE. Perseverance is a big one. Even when you know its bad you keep going. HowContinue reading “2018 Art Lessons”

Kraft paper brush Tree

    Technique inspired by an awesome painter. He painted with newspaper and I painted with a kraft paper roll.  This was a powerful lesson on exploring your creativity. Now I have one more tree for the Wise Trees book. Lots of trees and soon will come the time to scan them and create aContinue reading “Kraft paper brush Tree”