Art makes me happy. Art makes me… work through myself. I use blue in all tones, texture and nature to create books and illustrations for self love.


Creative exploration meets project process. I use watercolor, acrylic, and tempera paints. I use fun tools to create textures. This a journal of thought to the finished product.



Recent Projects

Different Is Beautiful

Celebrates every element in nature. I use color and texture to create collage animals that illustrate the beauty that comes from being YOU. Esitmated release date is April 21, 2020

You Are Loved

So far I’ve got an idea map. I’m plannng textures and using different tools. From random spots on dogs to the Heart Nebula, the world is filled with heart shapes. There isn’t a release date for this book but subscribe to my blog for more details and book release.

How do you draw a flower?

It is a matter of choice. I have lots more. This is only the beginning.