What to say to a beginning artist?

In many ways I feel as though I am a beginner? There is always something new to learn. Beginners always ask the same questions? I have so many ideas but how do I know it’ll work. How do I find my voice? How do I find my style?

PRACTICE. Practice to explore. Practice for curiosity? Practice for new techniques. Practice for the answer. Some of my favorites have been simply creating with what sparked my interest.

And to think, today I am learning about Bauhaus school. This is great timing as I begin the creative journal. I have a list of activities. It’s going to be good. My goal is to build a base for many many projects.. I want to gather ideas for Creative Ways to Draw A Flower.


The book is done. I am excited to share it. I will soon. This is the phase where I set it aside and read it with a fresh pair of eyes. It is truly amazing how the book comes together after countless hours of…you have all these notes, ideas and the main theme. Little by little you get rid of what doesn’t work and refine refine until it works.

For the remainder of this week I’ll plan out my creative exploration…more on that tomorrow and a three color lettering idea.

My Pink Chair

To sit in this chair, looking in the mirror. You’ve got to know…know the song about make-up and a little prayer. You have all the beauty to conquer today. The lipstick and blush are simply frosting on the cake.

A book filled with thoughts like these are so good for You Are Loved. All illustrations are done. Words are yet to be written. I’ve got details. I have words but that’ll change.

All the projects good or terrible, have been part of the story. Many times I throw out an idea when it doesn’t work out on paper. There’s a lesson in every drawing. Let yourself go. Be Free. Learn what you can and MOVE ON. One of two situations happens. You keep iterating but you toss it with the strength of knowing you have a better idea. Or it works out. Sure I could reflect on the wasted paint and paper. I can’t do both.

When an idea fails, it’s not the idea that fails. We fail. We fail to see .

Just Create Already

Why this picture came out ok , it happens. I like the idea, an scanning it will be beautiful. Working on this reminded me of treasure maps and scrolls. Spell Books. Manuscripts, the ones printed with blocks. Classic books. There’s something about generation after generation holding the book long after it’s been written. I like the the treasure map and scroll paper.

Wrote a zine once. I should upgrade this one with more attidude.

I was right. I don’t need a zine class or an artist to inspire me. I am the artist. Glue the pages to create an accordion fold. Yes! Collage? Paint? Pens? Watercolor? All the above. I want to print this zine. During a podcast, a listener commented on finishing a zine.

My font. Yes my awesome font is ready. Took a lot longer than expected. Now all I need is to work on the words and digitize all the illustrations. That’s a lot. My deadline is July 1st. I want to start creative exploration and the flower book.

The stars they whisper…

I am loved. I am the universe. I painted most of this yesterday. Today I intended to paint an Eagle. The wings of an eagle, strong creating a heart shape. The wings of an Eagle would have been great. I ‘ll paint them tomorrow. We all have the streangth to soar among midnight skies over the towers of London, the Basilica in Rome, oceans of Austrailia… where we please. I should plan this project. That would be cool. I could include the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids of Egypt. Perfect. Done.


These blue and purple skies with all their stars and the heart shaped trees capture what I want to feel. I understand the hurt and the pain. Ok not like them, and yet I feel. That’s just it, we are us. I drove through LA on Saturday. The billboard, We’re in this together made me think are we really?

Plastic Wrap + Rock Texture?

I intended to paint a place somewhere in Australia. Not sure where this is, but what a beautiful photo. This voice insisted on realism. I decided why not check off the texture list I started. Plastic wrap it is.

All I needed was shades of blue and black. Then I cut the plastic wrap to fix each section accept the heart. Trying a new technique with no expectations but a little visual interest.

Magic happens during the drying process. I did add a few more layers. I love my iteration. The color and texture are amazing! And the thought…change is good, change is beautiful. Change takes time and evolution is always changing, growing and gift for us all.

Now this is the art that I want to create. These are the ideas that make me dance and sing!

Barn Owl Take 5?

Last night I gave my pastels a try.

I liked both for various reasons. The one I signed, now that’s the bird with attitude. I painted and was about to go down the road of try this and try that but I stopped just in time. I found the perfect words.

What a beautiful owl for a beautiful thought. Powerful wings? I am painting an Eagle!

Barn Owl + Love

Many edits later I realize trusting in an idea means there’s a chance you will be wrong. I should not have referenced the photo.

There was nothing wrong with my sketch. Sure I need to observe stance and shape. Something happens and I start copying, literally.

AND so I kept working and playing. I almost had it. Come to think if it, I had a few good iterations and yet I kept on going. The lettering was all wrong. After 30 minutes of digital fixing, this is where I pause. I get it.

I love the right wing and face from the first attempt. The feathers on the right side are a happy mistake. Of course I will paint this again. I like the blue and yellow-brown blending on the head. No matter how much I tweaked…

I’m not aiming for perfection or realisim, just a beautiful bird to express my thoughts. What am I thinking? I did some reasearch. I had no idea how huge and beautiful a Barn Owl’s wingspan is. They can can also see excellent in darkeness.

That’s it, that is exactly why I want this bird in the You Are Loved book. I believe we have both of these qualities within us. The only way to arrive at I’ll sprout my wings and fly where I choose and conquer darkness, is self love. Oh and this love comes from being part of this universe. We are born with the latter.

Maybe today’s work wasn’t a fail after all. My bird looks like it needs a bath. Yes, let’s contiune with a fresh start. I do have all the right pieces to this puzzle.

Self Love + Pattern Blocks

Speaking of adding me in my projects. I like color and the You Are Loved Murals. I wanted to use bright color and each square to represent the many beautiful layers that exist within a person. It’s this idea really.

My intention was to add self love to the shop. I was proud of the work. The color made me smile. I filed it in the maybe I’ll repaint it. A little praise on instagram had me thinking why not add this to my shop?

Why did it take outside praise for me to appreciate my work? I suppose it’s because I find truth and beauty in my work. If someone else can share in that, then it’s bigger win.

I ordered some new watercolor paper and can’t wait to start a new creative exploration journal. I didn’t get to order the pigment powder. Here’s to a good week of paining and learning.