Multi – Lettering

I wanted something simple and fun for the last three pages of the book. What a beautiful ending. I explored different tools but the calligraphy brush and acrylic worked. Choose colors that mix well. Dip in different amounts of paint. Results vary. That’s the fun part.

Testing out on copy paper. Copy paper is much cheaper than watercolor paper.

On watercolor paper for the book

Maybe it’s time to write a what I would tell the beginning artist. Sounds good.

Moon and Stars

There is such a place. Not sure where but glad I found it during my research. I’m piecing together the book layout and checking my email. There’s a contest. What does your art mean to you? Choose one product and share it. Right now my etsy shop is empty. This is a great idea!

Painting this was another experience. Layers and layers. I do believe I got it right!

You Are…

The first attempt at a Redbud tree didn’t work out. This happens often. The second was a fail too. The third is the charmer. I had some leftover shades of pink. I started writing words.

Glad I did? Now I have a quote for the shop. I could hang this up on the wall behind my pink chair? I see it in a square frame. Ok, now I’ll scan and clean it up a bit.

Much Better. Note to self. Perfection is Photoshop. Boring.

Just enought to, now that’s what I was thinking.

Barn Owl + Love

Many edits later I realize trusting in an idea means there’s a chance you will be wrong. I should not have referenced the photo.

There was nothing wrong with my sketch. Sure I need to observe stance and shape. Something happens and I start copying, literally.

AND so I kept working and playing. I almost had it. Come to think if it, I had a few good iterations and yet I kept on going. The lettering was all wrong. After 30 minutes of digital fixing, this is where I pause. I get it.

I love the right wing and face from the first attempt. The feathers on the right side are a happy mistake. Of course I will paint this again. I like the blue and yellow-brown blending on the head. No matter how much I tweaked…

I’m not aiming for perfection or realisim, just a beautiful bird to express my thoughts. What am I thinking? I did some reasearch. I had no idea how huge and beautiful a Barn Owl’s wingspan is. They can can also see excellent in darkeness.

That’s it, that is exactly why I want this bird in the You Are Loved book. I believe we have both of these qualities within us. The only way to arrive at I’ll sprout my wings and fly where I choose and conquer darkness, is self love. Oh and this love comes from being part of this universe. We are born with the latter.

Maybe today’s work wasn’t a fail after all. My bird looks like it needs a bath. Yes, let’s contiune with a fresh start. I do have all the right pieces to this puzzle.

Self Love + Pattern Blocks

Speaking of adding me in my projects. I like color and the You Are Loved Murals. I wanted to use bright color and each square to represent the many beautiful layers that exist within a person. It’s this idea really.

My intention was to add self love to the shop. I was proud of the work. The color made me smile. I filed it in the maybe I’ll repaint it. A little praise on instagram had me thinking why not add this to my shop?

Why did it take outside praise for me to appreciate my work? I suppose it’s because I find truth and beauty in my work. If someone else can share in that, then it’s bigger win.

I ordered some new watercolor paper and can’t wait to start a new creative exploration journal. I didn’t get to order the pigment powder. Here’s to a good week of paining and learning.

Typography Class Assignment

Today I am working on a the final project for a typography class. My goal is to refresh my memory and improve my work. I started taking notes recalling the course details and the poster samples. Then I realized, wait a minute, where’s me in this poster. What would I like to do with this poster? I want to be able to fulfill the intention of the the project and have fun too.

I like color and texture. I can create a Tiger texture. The eyes of the tiger would be my focal point. Instead of the typical block lettering I could handwrite? Add a little blue, teal perphaps in the hair.

The Rocky Saga is my favorite. What I would really like to work on is a record or album cover.

What am I working on this week? I need to publish the edits. I’ll be working on an Owl, lemonade jug and lettering. I want a few art supplies.

Ink+ Strawberries

I’ve painted with ink before but never like this. Part of this project is creative exploration. I’ve looked at texture videos and found an artist who paints with only ink. The colors are vibrant. I use them to mix with other watercolors.

I really like the easy flow of painting with liquid. Sometimes too much water makes a mess. With liqud you get solid color. The other day I painted strawberries.

It’s interesting that some strawberries have a heart shape. Some reveal a heart when you slice them in half. The strawberry I painted here was one featured in a recipe blog. There’s this odd shape but there’s a heart nonetheless. I thought…

Everybody loves strawberries. One can eat them as is. You can make Strawberry Shortcake, lemonade, ice cream…who thought of these ideas? We all have this “sweet likeablikty” but what are we going to do with it? Strawberries are good but there’s delicious possibilities. Wait, not everyone likes strawberries. What does all this have to do with love? Plenty.

How do I draw a chair

I have an idea for a pink chair.

At first I wasn’t sure how to draw a chair. I drew many. Now I have a chair that I like.

If you don’t know how to draw a chair, then draw until you can.

Now I have a chair that I like. I keep going back to the You are loved theme. The idea keeps changing. I want a book that is filled with positive thought provoking images.

Sometimes you’ve had a long day. Too Long. You go through the day wanting to close your eyes and rest. When you do get the chance you breath relief. Many times I circle Disneyland. It’s hot and I’m thirsy looking for a place to sit. When I finally do it’s always a breath of fresh air.

With every bite or sip I wonder of all the people sititng nearby. What brings them here? Are they happy? Am I?

Olives + Olympian Crown

Where did I get the idea to paint a olive leaf crown? Maybe it was in my research? I’ve been going over the places where I’ve noticed hearts. The one I keep drawing and trying to get right are the white iron chairs at Disneyland.

I sitll want to draw and paint a pink chair perhaps. I love Disneyland because every little detail is reminder of fun. play, love, and magic. It is easy to walk the park and feel Walt’s words.

“If you dream it. You can achieve it.”

That gives me a whole new idea for this chair. AND so Olympians used to wear crowns of olive leaves. I can only imagine how it feels to win. You work hard. Endurance is beyond words. You focus and you go where no one else can, above what you can do.

No we are not all Olympians or Walt Disney but as teachers, artists, dreamers, Imagineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Officers, Firefighters, friends, mothers, daughters….we all are olympians in one form or another.

Kindness is golden. We can do way more than what we give ourselves credit for. Here’s my gratitude for all who have been kind to me. Here’s my gratitude for all who inspire my work and for those who deter it. For it is you who give me the greatest lesson…to keep on.