Windsor Gouache…

is incredible. Oh my gosh I now have the perfect color for painting Peter Pan’s flight night sky.

Pink and blue flowers? I think so.

Premium is so much more pigmented. I could have just painted blobs and it’d still be beautiful.


  • the key to working with gouache is just enough water to make it easy to glide on the page.
  • I should’t go over it either. I needed to let it dry before I add layers.
  • oh doing swatches would be good

Audrey Hepburn was a true Hollywood queen. For when the world said, ‘ You can’t act. You’re not pretty enough. She was. I think of her strolling along with her big black hat and sunglasses. Strolling along with such a smile that…oh wait what are they uttering?

Gives me lots to think about as I begin a new year of exploration. I will experiment with texture, objects and color. I do have two books to write. I’m just getting started.

-there are no impossibilities

Farewell Doubt Hello Endless Love….

I am more of a watercolor gal but I did have some other paint around and hey I put it to use.  I am currently working on a challenge where I just draw to my heart’s conent. I get an idea and let it go where it must. I am doing this and try to embed the emotions or experiences I had that day. Today I feel like saying hello handlettering world…I am hear to stay. I hope you welcome me. I had a great time doing this. Right now I need to stay way from the eraser and that voice in my head that says you messed up this letter or whatever…I just want to let the creativity flow. I feel like I have so much to say and this is my way to do it.

First time doing this dimensional stuff.

some of my other journal paintings.

0505151339a 0505151339b 0505151339I hope to be selling art in my etsy shop soon and staring a class. Please subscribe if you want to know more. As always that like button is a vote of confidence so I appreciate every single like!


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