Holiday Thoughts

Art is the fossil record of the artist. Ha… I just read this on Austin Kleon’s blog. I like his books. I like his site. I have been wroking hard to make site look professional and an expression of why I create. Last night I tried working on my site and it went all wrong, but in the end I came away with an important lesson. CREATE ART. FOCUS ON THE PROCESS. Wait a minute! I just read this very idea on another newsletter. Thanks. Here’s to simple.

Oh I wrote this poem last year. I need to write more of these. I did buy some new pens today. Yes I’ll pencil it in this coming week! I have a couple more weeks to write and gather up my research and then I ‘ll write the first draft of the book, I am now certain of the title. Weird Is Beautiful! Everything makes sense now. Which reminds me, I read another blog post featuring Kate Dicamillo. She spoke of her experience as an author. She was told she had no business writing books. She got hundreds of regection letters and kept going.

I like to think I keep going becasue yes, I create every day. BUT I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not enjoying the process like I should. I worry. The best happens when I just create. So here’s to finishing my new book and all the ones to come. I’m going to edit the socks quote and add it to my etsy shop. I’m not really talking about socks here but I am. I’ll have some chocolate as I watch a movie and call it a night.

Holiday Collection

How I painted

  1. ( top left corner) watercolor and salt.
  2. heart shaped loops in various green tones
  3. painting circles and letting the paint blend together
  4. downward strokes
  5. using color to create a bountiful tree
  6. more salt.

The trees and this project are pretty much done. Last night was crazy! I was sure that this project was done. I wasn’t feeling the connection between my books and this holiday project. But then some awesome ideas came into play. I busted out the thinking map, changed my attitude-thought and thought.

After a walk with Roxy and three hours later I have 11 designs. I went with my ideas.

Tomorrow’s a new day. I’m working on Road Trip and a fun painting puzzle idea.