Creative Ways to Paint a Flower

I’ve been painting animals. Then insects. Today I painted flowers. What I’ve learned from the creative exploration class is: using various tools is fun using various tools makes is easy to work through a mistake and somehow make it work using various tools makes it easy to come into your syle using various tools givesContinue reading “Creative Ways to Paint a Flower”

sponge brush painting

I’ve been trying to think about a fun back to school project. I love to read. I didn’t like doing boring busy work. My favorite times were the holidays because that was craft time. Tests made me nervous. The best learning happens when your imagination and curiosity are allowed to PLAY. I haven’t written theContinue reading “sponge brush painting”

Drawing still life style

Still life drawing is an absolute must for every artist. I sketched my favorite shoe. How did I sketch a pretty good shoe in five minutes, with a pen? This morning I set up my shoes and began sketching. I took way to long sketching. I kept trying to replicate my shoes. Sure, many couldContinue reading “Drawing still life style”

Doodles + Sketches

I like this layout. I’ll write out the words with my new Sharpie Pen. Yes. I’m hand writing the entire book. That’s it decision is final. Then I’ll sketch a little doodle at the bottom of each page. I’ve got lots more doodles to go. Pinterest is great for reference material. Tomorrow I’ll paint aContinue reading “Doodles + Sketches”

Altering Course

Last night I was listeing to an episode of Creative Rebels and there was mention of Picasso. Picasso copied other artists to master techniques. Then he created his masterpieces. And so my goals for Road Trip have changed: all words will be typed in a chosen font. sub divider pages will be hand drawn followedContinue reading “Altering Course”