It’s Christmas

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there’s something about the season that has me all chocked up.

I’m feeling the love.

I’m his, the one from above.

Like Lauren I keep fighting voices in my head.

BUT I choose love instead.

There are Christmas moments that last everyday.

The problem is how do I make them last…

6 Posts I need the most…

tight now.


Yeah, tbese days I’m close VERY CLOSE TO hitting that button and finalizing my VERY FIRST BOOK.  I’m working on lots of projects and most of them are out there. The world says only show the good stuff. I share mostly everything. The world says paint trends. I paint what I want.  Today I read about a janitor,  a single mom. She wrote a book and it won a prestigious award at a prestigious university, the university  where she worked as a janitor.

I never would have found this article had it not been for Austin Kleon and his KEEP WORKING KEEP PLAYING… newsletter. It just so happens that today  I need to reflect.


You gotta make that story!


A star is born…



believe in your ideas


painting a purple tree…

practice helps



Fall Lettering Challenge #6

What does Fall mean to you? Just think about it and whatever comes to mind put it in word. You will find that the less you really think about it and jut go with what pops in your head the more creative it will be…the more you it will be


Creativity…Make A Zine

What is a zine? It is a self-published little book about anything you want. Here’s mine unfolded.

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

What you need?

Standard sheet of paper-printing paper.

pencils, markers. crayons, lipstick whatever you want to use

Fold your paper like mine and just start working. First number your pages then get creative.

For Ideas

My favorite things

the colors of the rainbow

Reasons for doing something- education

or not to do something-driving drunk

Whatever you choose.

I will be starting an instagram where we can post our projects for all to see and get inspiration. If you are interested please click the like button.


Oh here is my final piece.

A Few Of My Favorite Things...


Working on my book


This tale begins in the

bliss of a beautiful


Every size, shape and shade

was splendid. Every bee

had a big job even the smallest

of the small Bellisia.

Bellisia was selected to

be the next queen but she had


I am working on this book idea and originally it was for a skillshare class but I can’t stop working on it and need to publish it. The above is what would be the firs 2-3 pages.

What would you do with blocks ?

It was fun to see the kids building different items with these kinds of blocks. One created a motorcycle for Batman, another created a house, another a Lakers Team( he made a pattern of yellow and purple), another did the same but for Valentine’s Day and so many other possibilities. I sat back and enjoyed the scene, and the children with such smiles tell me what they made.   This made me smile and it was amazing…its creativity at work.

Oh on another note I am working on a story that I want to be published one day and I shared it with the kids. I’ll post more on this next week. Have a great weekend!

Christmas Water Coloring


Please excuse the terrible camera. I need a new one. Did you hear this Santa? LOL

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