Eric Carle Collage

…there’s a book inspired by Eric Carle’s collage technique and many MANY watercolor beautiful messes …

There comes a time in every project when you realize it’s time to alter coarse. I wanted to make good use of these messes but it’s hard scanning 140Ib paper.

I said goodbye and recylced most of the lovely textures. It felt weird. And then it hit me. I can keep use some pieces to test ideas. I’ve been seeing lots of collage work these days and today I had to try.

…inspired by a movie quote about making the impossible possible.

This one is inspired by long lazy days writing and sketching. It didn’t work out but I don’t care. I had fun.

Ahh… I long for those days again. The days of me and my Roxy. The summer days will soon be here.

I’ll do much better with thinner paper. Thinner paper will help me layer and scan easier.

I just remembered this Elmer’s liquid glue I saw at Target. It’s Wise Trees all over again!

Eric Carle Collage Art

It’s amazing what a group of students can do with a little water, paper, watercolor paint and a paint brush.

First step is to create awesome textures…

Mission accomplished!

I ‘ll never forget the lessons I learned. The biggest is that painting, creating and encouraging others to embrace their masterpiece is… my world.

Live your story is all about embracing your style, tapping into that artist within. AND that’s what painting with these kids has been about.

I sure do feel like anything is possible…

Art That’s Cool-Eric Carle

The Art of Eric Carle: Eric Carle: 9780399240027: Books

I recently read this amazing book and have a deeper appreciation for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Just now I came across an article and this passage just sums up my experience. The enjoyment that I get just makes me want to share it.

Art, as Carle likes to call his personal works, “is kind of funny,” he says. “I didn’t want it to be all that important. I just did it for myself. I did it for entertainment.”

So where does his inspiration come from?

Eric created a book that children can read and learn from at school. At the same time he wanted children to  feel the comfort of playing with a toy at home. Don’t you remember reading the book and trying to touch the pages, the holes and the huge butterfly?

He loves animals. He seems to love color and nature.

He paints tissue paper and then cuts out shapes to build collages of illustrations for his books. The best part is this was unintentional. He had been painting and used the leftover scraps to create these beautiful images we get to experience every time we read and remember.

Read the article here and you may want to go to the library or a bookstore and pick up the book too.

Now I have to do some collage work. I will include this as part of the putting into practice part of this session.