Wise Trees Book (the book will launch fall 2018)

This is a picture book journal of trees in the park, neighborhood and other places.  All trees are hand painted with watercolor, tempera and sometimes unique objects. Each tree symbolizes curiosity and the idea that we are one love.   Trees grow in different sizes, shapes and color. Every tree gives us breath and therefore we must allow them to grow. Is this book about trees or a love for the world and the people in it?

sample of possible book cover.


Ana and George

First sketch of and  but. ..

This is a story about friends who each have a dream. Yet the world with all its doubt and fear says they can’t.  Ana and George set out to travel to visit the legendary apple and along the way they meet wonderful friends– Claude, Bartholomew, Dimples and Willy who together make their dreams come true.

A love Story

I am taking my love of painting these

hand painted hears in shades of blue

and use my famous love poem to


work on a book for Valentine’s Day. Oh  but wait there’s a Christmas tree story I wrote last year and needs lovin’ this year.  I have lots more ideas!

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