Today was a great day!

I started early and had better luck with the pink elephant. I painted a few flowers. Digitized a few prints for the shop. I still need to work on list and creative write. Tomorrow’s another day. In intense days, the ones lived and yet to come why not have a few words. I speak of […]

What to do when your art sucks?

You take a break. Two attempts at painting the bear and all trashed. The angle was all wrong. There were many all wrongs. I went from one idea to the next. What happened to the bear I wanted to paint? Oh yes, it got lost between I have to have an idea for the blog […]

Eric Carle best days ever!

I am writing a list of wants. I have a page. I will never forget my RSP class. EVER! We created and it was amazing. I know they are not going to read this. I still have to share my memories. It is always good to release good vibes of gratitude. Maybe others are looking […]


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