Art Class Happy

Yesterday I surprisingly got the chance to be in a middle school art class.

The stock room was filled with paint, crayons and paper. There was a pencil box filled with forks. Forks make cool textures so of course I had to paint. And painted I did. Lots. As I painted I thought about being asked why I create for self love? I stumbled.

I think about love stories portrayed in books and movies. I’m a hopeless romantic. We always want to look “out there” but love begins with how we feel about ourselves. That should come from connection to nature, God, call it what you want. For me it’s God, just being in nature. The need to create because I want to is much stronger than fear and doubt. It’s almost like being a kid. At a certain age we know were awesome and then as we get older we doubt, fear and that damages how we feel about ourselves…

I painted cool textures and trees. Wow I’m still excited. For the record I swept the classroom and did some extra cleaning as a thank you.

I keep writing about cool animals and this week I must get the first rough draft going. The end of the year is fast approaching. I will be writing. I’m already thinking of Hearts, my next book. Maybe I should release the first part as a Christmas Gift? Ok.

(Click on the tree to buy this and other trees in my etsy shop. I’ll be posting the tutorials this coming week.)

Acrylic + Stick Tree

I like painting trees. Greens and blues are a color scheme that I often come back to.

I like appying the paint in a series of dots and then using a brush or in this case what’s left of the brush. Wiat a minute, I carefully squeezed the paint bottles in a tree shape. All I did was take the stick and spread the paint in a right to left line pattern. Simple. Easy. Beautiful.

Mixing the right color is key. Did the brush in a little water helps spread the paint. More trees to come. I’ll add these trees to my holiday etsy shop.

Holiday Collage Art

So I didn’t exactly paint a tree tonight. My collage tree works and here’s why. Today I just, I can’t let go of the meaness that goes on. I speak of the new kids in school to the Jokers of the world. Here we are a week from this big holiday called Thanksgiving. We drive ourselves crazy cooking the perfect meal. We feel down when we don’t deliver. Then there’s the comments. Yeah. But that’s not what the holidays or any day is really about. Sure I long for the days of grandma cooking for us all. Yes she was a good cook but that’s not what I remember the most. What matters is you. What matters are people and their purpose. When we focus on us we care less about the dumb “stuff” Give love.

I really like collage. Should I illustrate this new book collage style? Wasn’t that the original plan?

Holiday Thoughts

Art is the fossil record of the artist. Ha… I just read this on Austin Kleon’s blog. I like his books. I like his site. I have been wroking hard to make site look professional and an expression of why I create. Last night I tried working on my site and it went all wrong, but in the end I came away with an important lesson. CREATE ART. FOCUS ON THE PROCESS. Wait a minute! I just read this very idea on another newsletter. Thanks. Here’s to simple.

Oh I wrote this poem last year. I need to write more of these. I did buy some new pens today. Yes I’ll pencil it in this coming week! I have a couple more weeks to write and gather up my research and then I ‘ll write the first draft of the book, I am now certain of the title. Weird Is Beautiful! Everything makes sense now. Which reminds me, I read another blog post featuring Kate Dicamillo. She spoke of her experience as an author. She was told she had no business writing books. She got hundreds of regection letters and kept going.

I like to think I keep going becasue yes, I create every day. BUT I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not enjoying the process like I should. I worry. The best happens when I just create. So here’s to finishing my new book and all the ones to come. I’m going to edit the socks quote and add it to my etsy shop. I’m not really talking about socks here but I am. I’ll have some chocolate as I watch a movie and call it a night.

Geometric Shapes Tree

I’m using shapes to express what Christmas means to me. Color helps me express how Christmas makes me feel. I used watercolor paint, pencils and a pen. I sat for a few minutes pondering ideas and then circles popped in my head. This is a simple idea with lots of posibilities. More trees to come.

The book’s going good. I have a litttle over a month to finish. Tomorrow I’ll post an update on my book. SO glad it’s Friday!

Watercolor Wonderland

…and so the animal exploration continues. I’ve been writing, watching videos and focusing on my thoughts. I feel like my prepration is similar to an actor preparing for the role. I don’t know. I keep going back and forth but in the end I feel I’m on the right track. I trust I am. I have pages and pages of writing.

So why a snowman in a winter wonderland? Nature is beautiful. I wanted to capture a cold illluminating winter night. Sure you’re freezing but you feel the warmth and love of the universe. That’s what I feel when I’m in nature and admiring all the animals in the world as I often do. Plus this is a fun winter project.

This is super easy to create. All you need is watercolor paper and the biggest brush you have. Wet the paper and lightly add the paint. Allow your paint to dry before you add the next layer. Then use white paint to create a snowman, and snow. To create the snow you wet your brush, dip the brush in paint and hold it diagonally in your hand. With the brush bristles between your thumb and first index finger, use your thumb to flicker the brush and watch the snow fall. Test this to make sure it looks good first. I used pens to create the hat, face, buttons and scarf. This could easily be done with tempera paint. And use circle stampers to create the snowman.

Now I’ll go upload my signature so I can add it to my art. I’m an artist right? Why haven’t I been signing my work? I don’t think I even realized the importance of doing so. Ok time to put on the tea and get to work.

Creative Ways To Paint Trees

For a while I’ll be painting what I love to paint, trees.

For this tree I used:

– artist tape, watercolor paint, a blush brush and tempera paint.

First I spot the tape in a tree shape.

Then paint. I think I now have an idea for a scribble tree created with white ink pens on kraft paper.

Last I added some bulbs and monotones of green seems like a good idea.

I like it. There’s lots more tree ideas to paint. I’ll be adding some of these to my shops as well. Tomorrow I’ll get up early and write.

Creative Ways to Paint a Flower

I’ve been painting animals. Then insects. Today I painted flowers. What I’ve learned from the creative exploration class is:

  • using various tools is fun
  • using various tools makes is easy to work through a mistake and somehow make it work
  • using various tools makes it easy to come into your syle
  • using various tools gives you more ways to discover your talent and gain confidnece.

I’m going to use what I’ve learned to paint all the animals for the book. All of a sudden I have a plan. I had one before but it was elusive.

I like the flowers I painted. All it took was some simple acrylic, tempera, colored pencils and a little watercolor. I have an idea for creating a garland of flowers with a quote that reads whatever you do, do it with you.