Collage + Chat

As a teacher you teach but I must say that I often learn the value of letting go and most importatnly connecting…we are all human beings with a masterpiece to paint. We don’t want someone to tell us how to paint it.

Yeah I watched these students paint. Watching them, made me come to my senses. I’ve been looking at pictures and trying to replicate. Why do I insist on this terrible habit? It never works. Yes it’s good to see a sample but at one point you just have to dive right in and CREATE.

Much better today.

My book + Awesome Video

I watched a video today and there are no words to describe what I saw. Well, I added a few new thoughts to the book. I’m smiling. The point of my book is the rarest of gems are found in the least of places. Isn’t that the whole point of different. You might say it’s weird but I call it Art. It just is and so is art.

What gets me is to see them create. I did to do more of this. There’s no thinking about whether or not it makes sense.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

Let the Collage Animals Begin

I’m really excited about illustrating my book collage style. I have yet to read my rough draft. I should proably do that right after I finish this entry. I used a wide big brush to paint one side with water and the other with paint. This did prevent the paper from curling up. Then I used a variety of tools to stamp and scrath the paper.

With textures anything goes. A broken paint tube and three fish later I realize collaging takes time. It’s relaxing.

My animals. What a beautiful start. As I paint I am reminded of a morning conversation. Each of us is unique because otherwise, the world would be boring. That’s exactly the point of my book. Sure lizard brain momentarily showed up saying, but your star fish doesn’t look exactly like the reference image. Good! These are my fish. My book. My ideas. My art. My fish. And the world is a wonderful place because of the odd, weird, unique and different fish.

Painting Textures

Ok, let me just say how relaxing it is to paint textures. I have brown paint BUT I much rather mix up my own. Equal amounts of red, yellow, and turquoise mix up warm tones of brown. I used turquoise instead of blue. This texture will make a great giraffe.

Wait a minute, I can use my blush brush to create a splat pattern for my horse.

This morning I read the first few pages of Weird is Beautiful. I like it. There’s much editing for me to do. I need to buy some gray paint so I can paint a wonderful texture for my elephant. I had a wonderful time painting a gingerbread house. (my gig for a while)

Crumbled Paper Tree

I painted this tree with a crumbled up piece of printer paper. The type and size of paper can prouduce unique textures.

I should have used emerald green or white instead of kraft paper. Pressing down lightly or heavy also gives even more interesting textures.

Here’s another tree I made with a heavy cardbard that I cut and bunched up into a ball. This tree didn’t make the Wise Trees but I do like the texture. In both these designs my crumbled up paper was about the size of a quarter. To really get a good texture you probably need a tennis ball size.

Textures + Thanks a Bunch

These are just a few of my textures. I’m going to go watch some videos on Eric Carle inspired textures. I believe I will be illustrating the book collage style. I’m not sure how I got started with all of this but I did. I’ve been doing some collage lettering and it has been fun. Which brings me to a huge thanks. I’m thankful for my upcoming assignment. I’m thankful for all of the posts that have inspired ideas and provide me with the creative environment that I need. Especially the kiddos at Lee. Bless them all! I’m thankfoul for my tribe. (You) Thanks for reading and hopefully creating with me. In a few weeks I’ll be emailing a teaser for the book. Are you a subscriber?

Fork Tree

Here’s another tree. Kiddos of all ages can have fun with this tree. All you need is a fork. You could create with a spoon but the texture would be different. I did use an old tube of paint. So there are visible clumps, which made for even better texture. Using water to spread the paint helps. Then I used a marker to add finishing touches. Wait a minute, I could add to this. I could decorate the tree with thin yarn and buttons. Or white beans. I mean beads but white beans could work too! Say! What an awesome idea. These would make perfect decorations for a party. You could use some kraft string or ribbon to create a garland.

What I love about all of my ideas is that they are just an idea that you can add to and change depending on the tools you have. I should put together a post featuring all of my trees. Yes next week.

On another note I can’t believe I finished the first rough draft of Weird Is Beautiful. I’m feeling vulnerable. Having second thoughts. Should I really say this or that? It all feels so personal. Maybe others will not understand me. Maybe I’ll upset someone with my point of views. I could go on and on but I won’t All I want is for my ideas, my art to be a token of self love. The love that inspires exactly the oppositve of the shenanigin thinking. I enjoy my art. Art makes me smile, lifts my confidnece. Always does. Always will.