Are these poppies?

I dipped the brush in orange and yellow and let creativity take over. Except for the slight darkness, I like them. The ones at the top are beautiful. I’d erase the rest but how would the stem look? I could always paint some lines. I’m an artist of course I’ll think of something.

Ok for real the collage animals are done. All I need to do is add eyes and legs. All I need to do is finish digitizing, edit once or thrice and it’s on to the next book.

Self Love

I’ve said I was done with collage animals. and Yet, I keep adding to the collection. I filled my journal with collage animals and insects and WOW. I need a few more wows to drive home different is beautiful. I added a few insects, made a few changes to exisitng animlas and working on a punk rock bird. The digitizing has begun!

I love how one project leads me to the next. For the past couple of days it’s been flowers. It has to be because I painted them with students. Yes, and one cold morning flowers eased my heart. I express self love in my art and books. It’s not about ego. Self love is knowing to look within for the answer you seek. Self love is knowing to believe in you. Self love is taking care of you. Self love is protecting yourself against harm. Selfl love is being open to a solution and better days. Sometimes we need a flower or art to remind us…

A dry blush drush makes beautiful flowers. I should have used a different tone of green but this teal was within reach. And yes 21 ways to paint a flower is the next book. I still need to work on the love book. I will.


Martin Luther King Jr. was one man who made a difference. To hear him speak of his dream among hundreds of people with all the confidence in the world makes me feel. Freedom is choice. Freedom is self mastery. Freedom is knowing that you belong when others say you don’t. Freedom is having the guts and the glory to know that no matter what you will still rise. I have a dream. You have a dream. We all have a dream. Dreams aren’t easy. Dreams strip you of your comfort. They will test you. Only the strong survive and for good reason too. Dreams aren’t easy but the choice to make them happen is.

New edition of the letter. I realize once and for all that the first edition of this letter can’t be replicated. Having the right color isn’t the point. The point is to live your story. Love you. Don’t wait around for permission. Write your own damn story. Know your worth. PERIOD.

Art is…

the answer, hope, peace, wisdom, strength, mind blowing,fun,sporadic,rare,sweet, weird,crazy, posh, LOVE

Painting flowers at Valleydale

Book preview for Different Is Beautiful next week.

Investing In Myself

I’ve been stocking up on supplies. I am gathering my thoughts.

I want to have a book on my shelf that containes all of these easy wonderful textures. I can fill the first pages with my collage animals. I can have pages filled with 50 ways to paint a flower. I can have pages filled with letterforms. These letterforms could be fonts.

On the subject of letter forms, I can paint on colored paper and use various tools to create layered textures.

I was supposed to use these aniamls sketches to creaate my collage animals. At some point this voice said,” oh come on, just draw.”

I just read about rhythm vs. counter rhythm.

I don’t need facny pastels. Certain paints do make a differnece.

I think, say and write these ideas often.

If you want it then never stop fighting. Keep moving. These are the words I read in a Martin Luther King Jr. book. Just what am I doing to frully trully live my freedom? I know I need to invest in myself. How and where I choose to spend my time is a reflection of how I feel about me and my dreams. I apreciate the positive feeback for my books. Your kindness means the world to me. Monday will be a great day to work on the book layout.

I’m reading Think and Grow Rich and all I can say is I’m feeling vulnerable. I know what I want and yet my focus gets lost. It’s time to get real. Have something to say and say it. Go get em’. I’ve got to go.

Love Letter

I don’t feel much like writing but I do love this letter. This sprinkle of color seems like a good idea. I will be making a few minor changes to the book before I launch the You Live Your Story book on February 14th. I’m excited.

This is by far is THE BEST LAYOUT FOR THIS LETTER. LOVE THE COLOR. I simply had an idea and I went for it. I have to replicate only more color. But this is perfect.

I can’t believe I’m done with all of the collage animals. All I have to do is scan and add them to the book. I have a few days off next week and I’ll work on layout and design. For a moment I had no idea what book or project I’d work on after I finish my book Love. Of course I have tons of ideas. I always do. Spring is a good time to work on 21 ways to create a flower. Yes It will be an art book/ creativity/curisoity book. What a brilliant idea!

I am after all a self made artist. I will contiune to explore and grow. I have a beautiful new journal just waiting to be filled with wonderful color and texture. Oh I can tape the collage animals to save on a few journal pages. I can redo some of the techniques I learned about in the creative exploration class.

And I said I didn’t feel like writing. Ha.

About Creativity

In a conversation today, I was reminded of a powerful example for creativity. Come to think of it I’ve been thinking about the Lee school students and our awesome collage art. Yes, in both examples students had ideas. I had ideas. We turned those awesome ideas into beautiful art.

“I don’t know why I created. I just did” These words remain with me. The best work happens like this. The older you get the harder it is to shut off that voice in your head that tells you, your not enough. I struggle with this all the time. I think this may be the reason for not succeeding like I want. Wait a minute…

In the beginning of my collage work I wanted perfection and precision. Toward the end I let loose, referenced a few color schemes and played. I spent lots of time working on this book. I’m proud of my books. All of them.

Will I read my book for Read Across America? I should. Sometimes I can’t shut up about my art. Others times I’m at a loss of words.

Ending with a Poem

The last page of my book:

Be like the rooster. Make noise because you have to.

Be the Monarch who leads her tribe.

Be the Ostrich who courts his male.

Be the peacock who fears snakes but will fight them if need be.

Be like the butterfly who flutters wherever, but knows when to flock to Michoacan with the rest.

I’vr had so much fun working on this book but I feel it’s time to work on the next. I enjoy creating textures. Textures are an element that I must use to express my ideas. The sizing of the animals made collaging a tediousness experience. All the animals had to fit on a 5 by 7 size paper. If I create the animals bigger and scale down I could lose texture.I really need to think about the size of my book.