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creative retreat…


I had a blast working on art these past few days. I understand clearly why this whole let go and become part of the flow MAKES sense.

A creative retreat helps you step away from everyone and everything to simply create and allow for curiosity and imagination to flourish. I figured out the perfect layout for my love poem and have a WONDERFUL idea for my wise trees book. I’ll attempt to hand write each word of the book…I accepted a few design challenges…mixed up a few new colors and PLAYED…really thought about what I dream of.  I know that the original name seemed right because when I create I get lost in my world…a world somewhere over the rainbow.  That’s the whole point of a creative retreat. I feel like the name of my journal should be hellomireya because that’s where I can be found on Instagram, pinterest, and skillshare and Mireya is my name.

-Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

wise trees book

book cover


This is the tree I feel good about for the cover of the book. I’ve been hesitant to put my name on the book cover.   I want this to feel more like a journal book so adding my name to the inside cover page makes more sense.

Then there’s this tree. I had been removing the background with the eraser tool and by accident I started writing letters. What a fabulous mistake! The letters are a little wobbly but this feels more personal like a journal book. I’ll keep practicing.

wise trees cover 1


Maybe I could take some of the other trees and create limited edition posters with this technique.  Ideas always happen when you let them. 

Limited edition posters sounds amazing. I should paint another tree just to be sure and then choose the right tree for the book cover. I love the trunk of this tree but the first one really does a better job of expressing the message of the book…we must allow trees to grow…and by WE I mean we must allow each other to grow and be who we are meant to be. 

Yesterday I painted the final tree for the book… I think. I spent half my morning…all of it really working on this crazy idea to paint with crayons as I have done before except improve on the color scheme.  The crazy part is I filmed the entire process so I could create a new class to promote the book. The videos aren’t bad and yet they were. I worried that I had wasted my time but let’s be real I got to be creative and painted some awesome trees. Yes that was awesome and I will make notes of this in my journal.

What’s the point of life if your not playing with a crazy idea?

(I should paint this)

For now I have challenged myself to writing in my journal daily starting June. 21 which is the first day of summer. I’ll be journaling all the ideas and tips I have learned in the process of creating my book.  Part of my creative process is to voice my curiosity and if I can help others do the same then that would be incredible…so I’ll be posting here and there and adding my art to my shops. This is my summer to curate and share and I going to do just that!


-Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible

thoughts are things

thoughts are things


blue and purple color pencils
Photo by Pixabay on

Redesigning my journal is a rather tedious project BUT it feels more organized and colorful. I do love color.  I’m excited for the coming creative retreat, the new book and so much more to come.

-Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible

wise trees book

painting with crayons




Yes I did this and will do it again in a few days for the picture book. I painted this tree for a thought on curiosity but the color isn’t quite right.


curiosity tree

So I’ll be painting this again. Wait do I already have an awesome tree…YES! I have the right Eric Carl inspired color combination and maybe can cut that out and fix it with a collage style?

-Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

book projects, thoughts are things

picture book stuff



so I’m taking a break from one book to work on another and in the process playing around with the ideas. I am learning so much from a drawing class. I have been letting go and becoming part of the flow. This is important because you notice yourself in a trance…in the state of not making art. You simply have this idea and it takes over. You give in to it.  That is every artist’s goal because it leads to unmistakable art. Funny how I read about this today.


-Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible


watercolor and tempera

A writer who paints words





There is something about this drawing letters with paint. I love the idea of writing poems and words and pictures. I don’t know but this seems fitting. I don’t consider myself a hand lettering artist because I’m not interested in perfect letters but I do love the vintage ones on old buildings. I love letters and painting them too.


Oh the lettering that is simply written with such emotion is awesome . The other day I glanced at a yearbook and immediately noticed the lobster font. My next thought was oh my goodness how could they not have bought the font instead of using the free version. Yes I am a proud letter nerd.

My drawings are simple illustrations. No perspective or anything like this but just drawings.. the ones in my head. My process is to use awesome color like blue and pink.

I have come to realize I will be doing three tasks this summer.

I will :

  • greatly improve my drawing because I will be drawing every day.
  • be a fan
  • gradually add my artwork on sites like society 6 and perhaps etsy

For now I got to feel the love. My first book is finished but I need to set it aside and forget about it for awhile. This summer I will be taking my book from idea to completion and going over all the ideas  and resources that helped me write the book. Starting June 21 I will blog daily about this book. Fridays will still be fun days. Not sure how I will exactly schedule this all in.

IMAG0036For now I will continue to draw and post some artwork including wise trees on society 6 and threadless. I hope to pay for the cost of publishing my book and other projects.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible

thoughts are things

practice helps


Watercolor Scarecrow

I remember this guy I drew last year. I have always felt that I can draw but then I’d compare my work to those who I believe draw beautifully but the more I explore art the more I realize that drawing takes on many forms.

I have been embracing my skills and thinking how I can transition this into my own art. Recently I have been working on improving my drawing for my books and I’m so excited. Yeah so I’m proud of these sketches. Practice does make all the difference.

drawing by shapes


drawing with movement and emotion is certainly something I have improved on.


watercolor and tempera

Tree house

Sometimes I wish I had a tree house…

I painted this one for the book some time ago but it didn’t feel right

squirrel tree.png

So I added some texture and more leaves.


now I’m thinking I should have simply kept what I had in the first place? I say second guessing yourself is a trap. It can be.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

thoughts are things, watercolor and tempera

thoughts are things

juxtapose unexpected combinations of colors, shapes and ideas —J. F. T. Bugental

What a beautiful quote. I do like this word and brings to mind a watercolor project. These kids were painting. I reminded them to paint their flowers using bright beautiful colors. All children followed the the “rules” except one.  Later on as all the paintings were drying spread out across the table, I gazed. The painting that sparked my interest was the black flowers. I saw him painting and he enjoyed himself. He seemed calm in a slightly melancholic way. I wanted to know more and understand why he painted with dark tones even when as another student questioned it. Is this not what I hope to do with my book the wise trees and all the work  I do? YES

I feel this way sometimes. I don’t think rules. I j paint what I want and sometimes how I FEEL.

I did that here:

Abstract watercolor activity

I have tons of projects. The trees I’ve been painting are not your typical trees but they are my trees. This whole process reminds me to JUST BE.  Oh to be a walking juxtaposition.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.



thoughts are things

thoughts are things

I’ve been wondering about the next move and it seems like I have reached the point of letting go. Last night I finished the who knows how many times I’ve edited my book. I feel good. The words of Oprah echo in my mind…let go and become part of the flow. This week I repainted trees that needed a little more color or a few more leaves. I am careful not to get caught up in the perfection phase. I am letting go and in the mean time I will work on drawing. I will focus on drawing characters in preparation for other projects. Yes I know my book is awesome but I need to put it away for a month or two and then review it with a fresh pair of eyes. This will give me time to read and read and draw. Wait I wonder if artists who are working on albums do this?



Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.