First put ideas on paper

I haven’t been doing my creative exploration with heart shape objects. I have but not as much as I’d like. I want to go back to watercolor. I’ve been tracing letters. I do like the sporadic fun ones. Right now art seems like a form of theraphy. Last night I watched Mahogany and Diana’s sweet melody, “Do you know where you’re going to…lingers.

On occasion I’m asked why I create. Self love. Sometimes people and circumstance are too much and art always brings me back to peace and love. And when I say self love I mean self positive talk. These books and every thought are my muse, my song, my dance, my I’ll be ok. Yes one day at a time. Oh and I create for the thoughts that have betrayed me. These words in Think and Grow Rich explain a lot.

The presence of a single negative in your conscious mind is sufficient to destroy all chances of constructive aid from your subconscious mind.

Ok I just had to share this and here’s to a good week. I’ll be sketching on Wednesday but I really need to focus on editing Different Is Beautiful! For some reason watercolor painting with oil pastel details seems to be making me happy. I added a blue ribbon eel and a thorn insect to the animals. Next week I’ll be sharing more creative exploration so you can create along with me. I’m making plans for spring break. I need a summer job.

I am so happy that the tribe is growing! Please subscribe if you haven’t yet. The next book will launch April 21. I really want the Love book to be ready by April 21. The e-book will.

Painting flowers

Today was a great day. I did what I do when I’m surounded by art supplies. I created. This morning I began another round of editing. There’s much work to be done. This process is tedious and it helps to paint. Painting always helps. I did some research for the love book. Painting flowers in differnet color and shape seems like a good way to let my curosity play, stay positive and deal with the craziness of working on various projects at once. I plan on scanning these for more art posibilities.

A few thoughts from Different Is Beautiful

Nature is a masterpieceā€¦

Curiosity is all that makes us wander and wonder. What is the point of life if we do neither?

What happens when a bird cage is accidently left open? The bird flutters, flutters back to its own intentions, free to roam from flower to flower. Birds are after all, wild and free. Wild and Free

Oil Pastel Hearts

Oil Pastels are easy to work with. I had no plans. I want to work more with these. Here’s another idea that I wanted to fix.

I added layer upon layer thinking I had to fix it. The more I tried the messier it got. All I needed was a detail brush and acrylic paint to hand write the quote. I wanted to walk through my mistakes and end up with a masterpiece. Turns out I was closer to a masterpiece than I thought.

So as I being the sketching phase of the next book I’m reminded to go with my initial ideas and create the best way I know how. I still need to finish the editing for Different is Beautiful. I’m still learning to trust. Not every idea is worthy of a sale. Yet every idea is valuable!

Thank your for reading! In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing by process for writing books sharing more of Different Is Beautiful.


One of my good paintings. I like the blue but the feathers…

This weekend I worked on this fun universe with a glowing moon quote and lets just say I acquired two wisdoms. It’s good to work through mistakes. You really need to know when its time to let it go. Tommorow I’ll edit Different Is Beautiful. This week I’ll be working on the Love book. I have lots of fun painting projects.

Live Your Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day! I always loved decorating a shoe box as my mailbox. Then I’d look at all my cards as soon as I got home from school. Fun times. I took the heart pattern idea from the book cover and painted cards.

Painting hearts is relaxing. Painting hearts is an easy way to create a hand painted card. Oh by the way, my ebook is available for free until February 18th. The paperback should be available today if not by Saturday. The paperback is available for a specal price of 7.99. Here’s a link to my author page on Amazon.

Thank yu so much for reading. The tribe keeps on growing and it means the world to me that I can share my art with you. Have a good day!

On being an artist…

Today’s class had these up on the wall. The artist is Kandinsky and the artists are Adult Transition students. I like the hearts too. Simply tissue paper twisted around a pencil and a little glue is all it takes.

What I LOVE most about art is I can get lost. I can simply be in a state of create. No past or present just a creative and curious soul who’s fascinated with simple objects that unify to become beauty.

Working out some minor details for the book but it’ll be out sometime this week. Wait, I should try this?

Mixed Media Hearts

My goal is to practice watercolor and now gouache. The theme is hearts. I played with texture, technique and brush strokes. I’d like to build a book full of ideas and have a few that I can crop, and paste to create countless prints.

Some ideas work and others don’t. All in a good day’s of creative exploration. Feel free to paint along with me. I think I’ll paint birds next?