Surprising ways to use a candle lid

There I was with some leftover paint. I’ve been reading about block printing and how to make stamps. Sure I painted usual flowers but I wanted to stamp. With the lid in my had I had an idea. Paint the floral design and stamp. The stamp visibility depends on the how much paint you apply. […]

Happy Sunday! One of the greatest projects I’ve worked on. We worked together. My intention was for them to paint green and yellow leaves. I explained that the leaves would be placed on the tree. The students began painting with black and purple adding designs. These colors are what makes the tree more beautiful. See […]

Have you ever taken the time to frolic in the breeze observing every single detail? Seems like the more you observe nature, the more your condifence grows. Every element is unique in color, shape, line and space. This quote expresses my sentiments, exactly. All these things are an extension of myself. And I think how […]


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