Paint a Pinata

I saw this cool tutorial on how to make a pinata. I’ve been seeing these colors associated with Dia De Los Muertos decor. I painted one.

I used a Bath and Body Works Candle lid to draw the circle. Then I drew various narrow triangles. I now realize I should have added more texture.

Now for the right quote. There should always be a reason to celebrate life. At this moment I want to celebratae artists who inspire me. Their songs make me dance. I love to dance. The want to celebrate the people I love. I try to help and be kind as often as I can. I celebrate the students who teach me. And every member of my tribe. I’m grateful.

I’ll rescan and fix a few details but the colors are beautiful. Yes, I should definitely do another layer. For the record, I believe Dia De Los Muertos is important. BUT I also want to celebrate and thank the people who live. Life is short. Love Yourself and Love Others. Wait… I should jot these words down for my lipstick diaries project. Maybe I need to get rid of the word Dia and just write de los vidos, suggesting we must celebrate one another as often as we can. Yes.

Monday I’ll be posting ideas to decorate/ paint pumpkins. I have tons of ideas for these. Maybe I’ll do a special post on Saturday. My book is coming together. The excitement is building. I posted a video on my instagram. @ hellomireya

Have a great weekend!

Thinking Map for New Book

One night of no sleep really messes with my week. Today I had to really show up even though I didn’t want to. I have a plan. This is a thinking map. I jot down the essential questions. I’m now comfortable with this layout. I like the idea of using the same techniques from Wise Trees. In Wise Trees I used various tools to paint trees. I used color and texture to express my emotions as I wondered and pondered life.

Tomorrow’s Friday! I have a fun fall painting idea.

Continuing the research…

I’ve got all these thoughts and nothing. I know I want to do what I did with Wise Trees. Wise Trees is a collection of trees and my thoughts. I love animals and often think about them too. There’s fish in all colors and patterns. Their swim in the ocean is my stroll in the park. Yet there’s a fish that walks, on leges. The Mexican Walking fish is reminder that hey, weird is cool. Now I wonder if all the fish are thinking the walking fish is weird. Or is it the other way around?

The more you look at animals the more you realize that every spot, pattern, and roar are as they should be. The above is taking into account all the fish and admiring thier color and shape. These fish are slightly different yet they are all fish. Together they create beauty.

I believe I have a plan.

  • jot down all of my thoughts.
  • go over the list and narrow it down to the ones I can draw
  • choose a selection of beautiful and weird animals
  • Create a first thinking map

More Animal Sketches

This week I plan to finish up the sketches and begin the rough draft for the story. Maybe this should be my lunch time activity? Probably. I ‘ve been so busy working on fall projects and revamping my shop that I’m just now getting back into the book.

I’m glad I’m sketchng because I need practice. I love White Tigers and tried to draw in various poses but it wasn’t happening.

Then I found this cool picture guide. I drew a descent tiger. The big lesson for today is that there are various ways to draw a Tiger. And that leads to an even bigger question. What is the point of this book? I’ll keep sketching and keep my eyes open for more ideas. Once I can answer this question I’ll know how to illustrate.

I can’t wait to share Friday’s fall painting activity.

Painting an Apple Tree

Last Friday’s post was on painting trees by stamping with your thumb. The beauty of stamping is that you can stamp with any object.

For this tree I used tempera and acrylic paint. I stamped with various sizes of paint brush handle bottoms. Of course I had to mix up the right tones of red and green. Adding a little of the pink red to the brown gave me a beautiful brown.

Here’s the final tree. I love the Green and the Pink Red is just right with the emerald green. These aren’t typical red and green apple tree colors but neither is any life changing story. All I need is to write my quote:

All it takes is one idea, one seed, and one YOU. I love reading the Johnny Appleseed story. If you think about it all awesome ideas simply began with one idea and gradually others came on board. We can all make a difference. I have painted and included a similar tree in my Wise Trees book.

More fall painting ideas coming Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow I begin more research and sketching for the book.

You Live Your Story

Today I worked on tons of awesome ideas. That means I have lots more content for the fall workshop. Yay. I also read, You live Your Story for two reasons. I needed inspiration. I had to check on my work. I made a few changes. The changes have now been published. The book made me smile, made me want to hold the book in my hands, turning each page. I should publish the paperback.

I got this idea to change the bookcover for Wise Trees. It won’t let go. Although I wrote it as a children’s book, I now realize it’s found a different audience. I’ve found my right audience. Kids love the trees. The grown up ones love the ideas. What do you think?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thumbprint Painting Tree

I like trees. I’ve dedicated a few of them to fall.

Change and uncomfartableness are part of growing. It’s somethng we must do. Of course change isn’t easy but that’s why I drew this tree. We must edure the change. I struggled with bear vs. bare. I intened to write bare but my mind and pastel insisted on bear. I suppose bareness helps us get rid of dead weight. The process can be cold and ugly but we must bear, for when the time is right, beauty will prevail.

Here’s a quick easy and fun way to paint a tree.

Play around with color.

This is playful and cheerful. The quote for this tree is change is good.

This color scheme is energetic. Looking at this give me a warm feeling.

The fun is feeling the intended message as you paint. I have an idea for a really cool Johnny Appleseed tree. I want to paint some more pumkins.

Today is the last day to get my Road Trip book for free. Hope you got it. Oh my, this weekend I have to paint some new ideas for my shop and keep researching animals for the book.

India Ink + Sketches

There’s two parts to this post. I’m continuing my creative exploration class. I’ll be exploring India ink: Wild Rose, Golden Yellow and Teal. These are all Bombay Dr. Ph Martin’s. They are my version of primary colors to mix. So my tasks for today are exploring ink, drawing a few animals and painting fish for my newest book.

The last two rows are ink swtaches.

The lettering and animals are done with ink. I used a toothpick to draw the blue bear.

Here are the fish. Not bad but I have a few ideas for color and texture.

At first I just wanted to re-create from memory. Midways in, I had my phone right next to me and kept refencing. Terrible habit I know…and I thought. My art doesn’t have to look like the image. It’s my interpretation. Right now I’m researching. I’m gathering information. I/m exporing texture and color combinations. I believe I have some great ideas!

As I move ahead I will…

keep researching more animals, draw more animals with a pen and use my higher quality paper. Using pen eliminatas the need to erase.

Ok now I’ll go do some work for my Fall workshop, which starts tomorrow. I need to add some new art to my shop too,

Happy Thursday!

And so I begin a new book…

The first step is reviewing my notes. Typically I’ll be among my usual and idea comes begging to be written. Sounds crazy I know, but Elizabeth Gilbert describes this so well in her book. It so true! Any way I’ve had this story for months and it’s the one I want to work on. These are a few of the animals.

I’m thinking of so much right now but animals from the most beautiful color to the rarest of the world intrigue me, spark my curiosity really. I’m always left with a notion that beauty before me is purpose. We all have a purpose and in that purpose we are bound by love. Yeah deep stuff. BUT I see a book that children of any age can read. It must be read.

Oh Friday I begin my fall workshop. On various days I’ll post fun fall projects. I’ll also post on my book process ,Tuesday through Thursday. I’ll be painting some fish. Yes I have great ideas for mixed media fish. I hope you got my Road Trip e-book. If you haven’t there’s still time. It’s available for free till Friday October 11th.

Collage Animals

various paints and origami paper

You know when you get an idea and you’re excitied. And right when you get around to it the light bulb’s out. I love Eric Carle’s collage work. I had fun painting the papers but I don’t think the book idea is going to happen.

These guys are cute …

but I started researching fish and… alll these thoughts floureshed. I have some cool pencils, markers and watercolor that could be used to paint coral reefs, fish and some polka dot paper that would make a great Pippi Longstocking horse. My ideas are about all the animals I love.

These animals are so fun to make. I will always remeber the fun I had at Lee School.

Did you get my free copy of Road Trip?