Collage Lettering + Scrapbook Paper

I choose my scrapbook paper like I do my paint. I walk the displays and pay attention to what catches my eye, no particular project in mind. If I happen to be out of a certain color I’ll pick it up. This next book is going to be called You Are Loved. Earth loves You is no longer good for the theme of the book. Wait this reminds me of a brilliant idea to end the book. I’ll do it!!

The lemon pattern gave me this whole when life gives you lemons vibe.

Today’s creative idea.

Use leftover texture painted paper, scrapbook paper, white ink pen, and paint over an art print that didn’t work out. The idea here is that lemons on their own are sour but when you combine then with good then that’s magic.

We can should learn and be empowered by our mistakes and trials. As we develop that into a positive then we open doors. Focus on the sour bitterness of the lemon and you won’t get far. Focus on the infinite possibilites like chicken, bars, candy, cake, fruit, tea, drink, ice cream, pasta and so much more.

I really like the colors and the idea. Every day I’ll be working on an idea like this. This is a celebration of spring and a compilitation of prints for my next book. Speaking of, I got the full color editor edition of my book Live Your Love Story on Saturday. I’m so excited and I’ll share that tomorrow. I did post a preview video @hellomireya.

As always thanks for reading. I hope you have as much fun as I did creating and writing this book. I would love to know what you are working on? If you tried any of my ideas? Email at

AND I should change this up and choose paper that I wouldn’t choose, colors that I typically don’t work with to see what I come up with.

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Q-tip tree take two

I didn’t use a q-tip. I used a size o round and size 6 flat brush. There are two lessons today.

1. Sometimes it’s not what tool you use but how you use it.

2. Not every idea is a winner but to get to the wins you must do the work.

I have lots of work to do. Mixing blue with hot pink made a difference. I’ll use watercolor paint to paint the sky around the tree. By the way acrylic paint works similar to watercolor when you water it down.

I did use the q-tip for painting flowers.

I’ve been listening to an awesome podcast by James Victore. Have a good weekend all!

Q-Tip Tree or Not

This was one of those times where you have an idea that seems like a good idea. Then it doesn’t work out. Why am I sharing this? Practice is part of every project. This is by the way, the first of many illustrations to paint for my next book project.

Fun technique but the colors aren’t working here. I added a little brown to make the right pink. Now I realize, it should have been blue. I want to test different brush sizes to get the flower/leaf size right.

purple hand painted tree with brush texture

This is a good lesson in creative exploration. You can figure out what doesn’t work so you can get to what does work. Tomorrow I’ll gve it another try.

Have a good evening!

Random Texture Idea

I had some leftover paint from the tree I painted yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to paint and then, why not? It’s fun to see what happens.

Press the paper on the plate and rub.

This is what happens when the paint is almost dry.

I added a little water to the plate. I love this pink.

I pressed a new sheet of paper into the paint I pressed the paper into the plate two times. In between presses I added more water to the plate. Here’s what it looks like dry. I like the texture. The dry paint created the circle patterns. Maybe I could create a butterfly. Oh wait, there’s this quote about us all having these wings to fly. Maybe?

I had to use every last drop of paint.

I do have an idea! I want to paint some blue texture paper for the butterfly. These days I spend my mornings reading, writing and updating art. In the afternoon I paint. That’s what you’ll be seeing for awhile. This technique is fun and easy because you never know what you’ll get.

Thanks for reading. Every week there’s more and more of you. Stay healthy. See you tomorrow.

You are Light

It’s been some good weeks since I read Different Is Beautiful. This is a great book. This book made me think, smile and laugh. I can only hope it will do the same for you. Tomorrow I need to organzie the sequence. Let the editing fun begin! I’m going to be paining some textures. Not sure if I should keep this? There is darkness and light. Interestingly the fish seems to have these two rectangle lights that radiate. Maybe I should keep this?

Any way the idea for this page is that one fish, one you, can make a difference. These days we may feel small not knowing what our purpose is. The truth is you can always make a difference. You must always choose. I love the idea! There’s lots of them in the book.

Oh there’s lots of changes to my site and more to come!

Stay healthy! See you tomorrow.

How many ways to draw a leaf

This idea all started with creative exploration. I shared that post here. Basically you divide a page in small squares. In each you explore ideas. I really like the idea of dark textures and white ink.

Truth be told, I saw a pencil pouch with this same pattern and that led to the first page of the Earth loves you. Not sure I’m going to call the book that but it works for now.

Yes I have been deep in thought,sometimes worry. Then I walk in nature. The flowers and leaves make me smile. I miss that so much. I still go for walks but I’ve been painitng spring. This idea is that leaves can be anything you want them to be. The choice is yours. There are countless ways to draw, paint or sketch a leaf. You could do collage with newspaper magazines or Eric Carly style. You could stamp them or wait, use fallen leaves to stamp with. I could go on and on. That’s the point. Learn to draw. Then draw what you please! DRAW THE WAY YOU WANT TO DRAW. We do that as kids and then somehow we start drawing what we think we should. Byt theway the color looks amazing and it will when I scan it.

The crazy thing is I’m not one for details like this. I don’t like adult coloring books. I sat. With every white ink stroke, I felt peace. I honestly felt good. Today I looked at my work and thought, Wow this is good. Who knew I could paint like this. I love painting. This week I’ll share my hand lettering and quotes. My big tasks this week are to edit Different Is Beautiful and paint illustrations for the next book. I’m thinking of writng simple hand written notes to self?

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New Art Work + Good Vibes

Just wanted to share a side by side comparison of this print. The painted version didn’t work out the first time for obvious reasons. I see a little something else I want to fix but this beautiful blue print is ready for the shop. I did spend an hour tweaking but this process helped me work on digitizing and getting work done.

Lots more art to come. What project are you working on? Tag me @hellomireya on Instagram or Pinterest. Yes, I want to see your work too. Email me. If you have a blog or website I’d love to read it. Use the contact form. It’s always good to support each other. I appreciate your suport. Thanks so much again for reading. I’m taking this graphic design course and learning how to redesign my website. If you like what you read then click the like button. I check the stats. This will give me more ideas on what to post. I have lots more projects and fun to share.

Color Mixing

My blue is a turquoise. I love how it makes beautiful tones of blue and green. This is a fun way to learn emotions behind color. One side of my color wheel is cheerful and bright. The other side (reds and purples) are dark and gloomy. I suppose this makes wonderful contrast. There are so many ways to paint a color wheel. I like this color wheel because the shape reminds me of sunshine. I should turn this into a quote.

Ok so I’ll be honest in hopes that I can help you. Today I was listening to a live chat with James Victore. I shared that I was angry and depressed over what’s going on. He bluntly pointed out that I am chosing to feel this way. He’s right and I knew it. I know. I needed to just express how I feel. I say that we need to be honest with ourselves and come to grips with choices we make or lack thereof’.

I overcame my tantrum by painting a color wheel. With each stroke, I smiled. I hoped. So I say do what makes you happy. Think good thoughts. The best will is yet to come.

New prints coming tomorrow. Lots more art for the shop. We are in this together. As always thanks for reading!

Idea Maps

I have a bunch of these. Depending on the project I fold the paper in 8 rectangles or 16. Sometimes it’s an idea map and other times it’s a story map. I sketch little page layouts. I use the back for even more pages. I should use only one side and then I can cut up the squares to play around with sequence.

Took me a while to get started but I’m liking where this is going. Ok now I’ll go and research for a mixing color wheel activity for tomorrow.

Stay healthy and thanks for subscribing.