Creative Exploration: Animals

Now that I’ve explored textures with water and brushes it’s time to paint some animals. No sketching just paint or what ever it is you have. Project rules are to choose one animal and explore various ways you can draw it. We can change the mood, character and emotion with various elements. There are manyContinue reading “Creative Exploration: Animals”

Creative Exploration: your brushes

The creativity continues with exploring paint brushes. I like to stamp with ceramic things, q- tips the back of a paint brush handle and what my curiosity demands. The brush makes some cool textures for animal hair. I bought a five pack of Daiso mixed media brushes for $1.50. They work good with acrylic butContinue reading “Creative Exploration: your brushes”

Creative Exploration: Two Colors

The next step is to take the exploration further with two colors. Here you want to play with your markers and colored pencils. Here’s a list of my favorites. highlighter + watercolor apply to wet or dry paper or scribble on a ceramic palette and add water blend with marker and watercolor pencil drop inkContinue reading “Creative Exploration: Two Colors”

Creative Exploration: Get to know your tools

It’s Otober 1! I need to get going on the fall workshop. This week I will be sharing my creative exploration projects for a class I’m taking. I’m building a creative journal for texture, technique and color exploration. The first part is is to gather up tools. Everything you can think of. No need toContinue reading “Creative Exploration: Get to know your tools”