Happy New Beginnings

I’ve grown and the best is yet to come. Good Vibes and lots of love. Praise from above. Plan and do all I’ve been dreaming of. More books and watercolor….I’m just a creative with BIG curiosity. Yes and Oh hell yes.

Favorite Projects and Colors of 2019

I’ll never forget my Lee friends. They painted the heart shaped leaves in all kinds of color and patterns. I arranged them. I want to paint with a fork more often. My Rooster is looking confident. The gingerbread house was so much fun. My Magnolia friends have a special place in my heart. The AdolfoContinue reading “Favorite Projects and Colors of 2019”

Edits for the book

I’m changing the name from weird is beautiful to different is beautiful. So yesterday I had the house to myself. I painted. I painted lots of textures. The video is posted on my Instagram @hellomireya. I’m not a YouTuber but I’d like to do more videos on Instagram. My favorite textures are the ones IContinue reading “Edits for the book”