How Many Ways To Draw A Fish

This is one way. I imagined a tank full of orange and blue fish. Same dots. Variety of fins and tails. Fins? Hair. There goes my imagination, wandering the depths of the sea. Where are they doing? I do see the worried one, right there in the middle. Was I in doubt at that moment? Probably.

Sometimes I like just going with an idea. No purpose. No partiular thought. Sometimes I’m led down a new path. Sometimes I’m led to that idea that’s been with me for a long time. Working with simple shapes makes an artist believe they can create. Why not. Tomorrow I share another idea.

Take a Closer Look

Some days are great for reflection. Rather than start fresh, I added details to old designs. The point of exploration is to build a tool box of ideas. Like the happy guy and his hat. I like the apple. There is a quote I want to finish.

Wait a minue, I could use the dots to stamp an entire apple. I have an idea for the fish too. To fill a whole page of them, taking my time doodling the eyes and fins. What a great idea!

Time Is Changing

I’m here working out details for the next round of creative exploration. I am testing out a new time of 10 am pacifict time for publishing all posts. I’d like to go back to publishing three times a week: Sunday, Wednesday and Fun Friday. I’ll get back to this in a week. What are the details? I will finish up my current book project, YOU ARE LOVED. All insspired by the beautiful murals.

I have a few more ideas for creative exploration. Then I’ll move on to 100 ways to paint flowers. Thank you fore reading! If you haven’t subscribed please do. I have a holiday theme creative exploration for this fall. My book will be coming out and lots more art.

Good Ideas

Eyes, fish, leaves, balloons, hearts, lines, pearls, bubbles, clouds, confetti, goggles, shamrocks, flowers, peacock feathers, patterns…

Why didn’t I add these to the journal? I will. Three attempts, THREE and all of them trashed. Like the feathers. Like the tree. Like the pink and blue carefree vibe.

What if I used this circle to make clouds? There are countless ways to paint clouds. Soft. Dark. Whimsical. Big. How would this effect the mood or the message? Now that’s interesting!

Exploring, Experimenting It Helps

Wow! I have an idea for the stamp. The goal is to observe random objects. What textures can thee objects create? Let the ideas emerge. No wrong. No right. Only Make.

I see some bamboo stalks, stucoo and flowers. Texture is what makes Eric Carle’s animals interesting.

I like the bouncy rhythm. I stamped flat, on the sides and gave it a little twirl. I used a small brush to to define the shapes. The color will look much better with a scan. So you see, today I experimented with an oranament. Wonder what I’ll find tomorrow!

Variety Is Beaty

I realize that creating to release inner turmoil is also important. It’s like every tree that loses its leaves in preperation for spring. All is part of the process of beautiy. Is that not love?

Started an around the world board. Painting objects I’m curious or fasinated with is a good pattern.

The more you create, the more patterns you notice. Sure you’re holiding the brush but the idea paints itself.

Variety is in every inch of this planet. The universe intends it this way. Is this not a powerful reason to unite? We need each other. Together we can overcome. Together we can conquer. Yet there are those who divide.

Creating objects that represent all of us is a brilliant idea.

Draw With Love

Yes I like love. What if I use the literal shape as a basis for drawing? I’ve done Butterflies and heart ears. What about a Lion or…? Wait a minute. Thin. Thick. Long, Short. Curvy. Patterns. The more you observe the better.

Simple shapes. Beautiful message.

Now I’ve got mountains, trees, rings, scissors, and harps. These are ideas I can paint! I went from typical to Oh!

Made My First Zine

Kraft paper, primary colors, markers, and a few brushes.

My only intention is MAKE.

Ideas and thoughts. Make.

Paint is too thick. Make

Can’t add water when the paper is already wrinkled. Make.

What’s wrong with this brush? Make

Smudges. Make

Lettering is too light. Paint over it. Make

Won’t dry fast enough. Smudge for even more texture. Make

What about the words? Write

Cross out the wrong words Make

Make Make Make Make for the sake of 9 simple rules for creators by creators


Literally my experience of making my first zine!

There’s Only Make

The rooster who was born with rainbow feathers and tries to change so he can be like other roosters. Then he realizes, there’s no one quite like me! Maybe it’ll make a good story someday?

Certainly is easier to draw when you realize a bird is a series of lines, patterns and shapes. Certainly feels free when you add ideas to your journal. Some will work. Many will not. At least you have ideas that YOU came up with. Ideas that will lead to the ones that work!

Flat brushes for flowers. Why not feathers!

Allow layers to dry before I apply the next color? Have more contrast in the color? Little elements to work on. It’s time to move on and make.

Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail. There’s only make. – Corita Kent