This journal belongs to Mireya

I’m curious about EVERYTHING. I’m a THINKER– obsessed with color and nature. I paint my thoughts with blues, pinks, yellows and greens…vibrant color. My art is an expression of my curiosity. My blog is creative journal for all the thinks I think up. 

Sample of my work

hand painted flowers poster


Why art?

As a kid I loved paint by number books, finger painting, markers and watercolor.  I’ve always been creative, curious and imaginative. I could read a book and immerse myself in that world for days. Yeah… I think I’ve always been a story teller. Recently I read about an artist who said, “My inner world is my playground.” I completely agree.  Art is me .ALWAYS has been always will be. It’s a LOVE STORY. I can’t breath with out art. 

A Love story?

Yes, there’s always been this need to create. In 5th grade I made this hot air balloon out of a balloon, Paper Mache, string and a strawberry basket. Every kid got the same supplies yet each was beautifully different. I still think about it, even as I teach art.

In high school, I’d get bored in class and draw in the page margins. I also took a ceramics class and an English class where I wrote a chapter book. In college I majored in Marketing, studied Design, Advertising, and Western Renaissance Art.

One day I sat in my backyard with my dog and a bee story popped in my head. That led to my first book. In the process, I learned illustrator, photoshop and HAND LETTERING. I love hand lettering. I’m still learning. I came across a crayola educational watercolor palette and all these childhood memories. Now watercolor and tempera pant art my toys.

I pushed the idea of being an artist away, for a long time, but the more I did that the more I realized that art and I we are one. So you see  even though I  left art, art never left me.

Describe your process?

I’m curious about EVERYTHING. I’m a THINKER– obsessed with color and nature. I paint my thoughts with blues, pinks, yellows and greens…vibrant color.

I love vintage lettering, the lettering that knows no rules. Postcard lettering is simple yet filled with emotions the writer feels. I habitually draw hearts in my drawings. I painted with a spoonfork, it was awesome! I like to think of my art as an unmistakable song, color tells a story,–yeah that’s good.

What’s the purpose of your art?

Art is powerful. Art connects us. That’s why I love music. Art is my song. My art is about curiosity and love. I want to share that adventure with people. I get lost in my world, feel free and happy when I paint. If I could inspire others to experience that then, it’s a win-win.

It’s not just art with painting or music but no matter what a person’s idea of success is, there has to be this element of art for them to succeed.

What’s your motto?

Love and let the kid play. Kids have such a loving spirit that allows them to create and imagine and just be. Walt Disney said,” That’s the trouble with the world today, too many people grow up. Love gives you courage to follow ideas. Love says,”OK curiosity and imagination let’s create.”

You’re inspired by?

Everyone– James Victore and Frida Kahlo. Frida expressed her pain on canvas. It’s so fascinating to learn how an artist tells a story. Raphael’s School of Athens reminds me of our wonderful world of ideas. Eric Carle’s collage art is amazing! The fact that his genius Hungry Caterpillar came from punching holes in a paper is crazy.

There are tons more..I’m inspired by the notion that art comes from anywhere and anyplace. I get obsessed with songs. I want to know who wrote them and why. Yes I am a huge Purpose Album fan!

I Just read about the artist Tracy Emin. She said, “If I was to make art, it couldn’t be about the f***** picture, it had to be about where it was really coming from.”  Wow! There’s lots of hand lettering artists too. The more I surround myself with artists, the more I realize I am one.

Something fun and interesting about me…

I love music! I used to sing when I was a kid. I can’t sing so I paint. Music connects everyone. I remember Juanes describing this so beautifully. I want to do murals. I write songs–not on paper just in my mind. I’d like to learn the entire choreography to the Thriller song.–WAIT that’s more than something.

Something interesting (weird) about me…

I tilt my head-get lost in thoughts…people ask what I’m thinking about. (laughs) As a kid I had this habit of asking why. I still do! Most teachers didn’t appreciate that. I’ve always had this obsession with the why and process of what fascinates me. Sometimes it’s what doesn’t. Being a painter who paints words and books makes sense.

What are you working on?

I published my three books and and a few LOTS MORE to follow. I’m working on big projects for the shop. I found a comfortable studio to work… l mean PLAY in. I’m lovin’ every moment. I hope to host a retreat and teaching workshops. Workshop is happening and people love my art. It’s crazy.

-there are no impossibilities

Joshua 1:8-9