Creative Ways to Paint Apples

Latest project for a design class and I felt like a kid in a candy store! I have sketches for trees, flowers and birds. There’s a book project for the flowers. I have creative exploraton in a week or two.

You work with one simple object and explore elements of line, color, texture and all kinds of mediums.

My tools of choice: markers, pastels, pencils, copy paper, watercolor, acrylic, plastic

The blue one has this inner glow, perfect for a it’s what’s inside that counts theme.

The brown stem and green blue dabs make me think of this Johnny Appleseed idea.

I did a few with my eyes closed. The red sharpie was a good choice. I had another that expressed anger.

All this makes me go back and rethink some of my work for You Are Loved. This book is about creative exploration.