ink pen sketches

All of a sudded I’m back into hand lettering. I really like letterforms but the perfection part not so much. I took this class with none other than Jessica Hische. I chose her because I like the idea of her kind book. I had planned to work on the next book which is all creative exploration. I really feel like I need to explore and create. I can’t do that if I’m thinking about money. Let me explain.

I get an idea. Sketch. Mostly get right into the painting. Then at the first sign of an elbow smudge, dipping in the wrong color or a wobbly curve I say, I can’t put this in the book now. I can fix it. Then I really mess up. I mess up because many times what you think in your mind isn’t what your heart thinks. I keep thinking about Jon Contino and his words. Something along these lines,” I used to go crazy with the editing now I just create. My best, that which I am proud of, just happens. I said that by the way.

These are pretty cool!

green hand lettering for spring

Thanks for reading. Stay healthy!