Martin Luther King Jr. was one man who made a difference. To hear him speak of his dream among hundreds of people with all the confidence in the world makes me feel. Freedom is choice. Freedom is self mastery. Freedom is knowing that you belong when others say you don’t. Freedom is having the guts and the glory to know that no matter what you will still rise. I have a dream. You have a dream. We all have a dream. Dreams aren’t easy. Dreams strip you of your comfort. They will test you. Only the strong survive and for good reason too. Dreams aren’t easy but the choice to make them happen is.

New edition of the letter. I realize once and for all that the first edition of this letter can’t be replicated. Having the right color isn’t the point. The point is to live your story. Love you. Don’t wait around for permission. Write your own damn story. Know your worth. PERIOD.