Can’t someone else do that?

For the remainder of the week I’ll be posting quick thoughts and perhaps a favorite project or two. I want to focus all of my time on finishing this book. With one week left, I need to focus and finishing.

I’ve been thinking. I see and hear signs all around me. Imposter syndrome? Can’t someone else do that? Use your art to take a stance and quite possibly change the world. Mark Bradford an LA artist who creates from paper routing back to his childhood days in a beauty shop. I have yet to read or watch the interview. M y senses want more.

That is my dream. To completely create because I have to. To come into this gift that lives within. I’m reminded of Shantell Martin. Her work is well… no someone else can’t do that. Watch her draw and you know what I mean. Which brings me to my fall workshop. I’ll use exploration projects to explore. I really need to finish Adolfo Serra’s Class. All I know is, I’ve always had these stories and such an imagination.

Ok now it’s time to work on the book.