watercolor blending…

with oil pastels.

I have been editing my book and that led to repainting a few of the trees. In every stroke I see improvements–improvements that came from lots of practice.  It’s awesome to see how blending with watercolor makes it easy to blend with oil pastels.

First edition:

  • I love the inner glow that radiates the meaning of this tree.
  • There’s not much contrast.
  • The leaves look more like seeds


2nd Edition

  • use my knowledge of blending with watercolor
  • blend light to dark
  • use a q-tip and my finger to carefully blend the colors
  • just letting the  oil pastel crayon glide on the page rather than pressing hard helps alot
  • using watercolor pencils and layering light to dark
  • coloring a leaf yellow then red makes an awesome honey orange color
  • bear seems like the right word here…one must bear the cold winters to get to the beautiful spring or let go of all the dead weight in order for beauty to grow
  • that’s just it, the dead weight is part of the beauty
  • color gets better with practice too.
  • the hand writing just makes more sense here


This tree is going into the book.  The best part of practice is you get to see transformations like this happen.

Imagine all of the impossibilities that are possible.

Published by Mireya

I have all these stories and use color, texture and nature to bring them to life. My favorite supplies are watercolor, acrylic, and fun tools. I just want to create.