thoughts are things




the definition of astral is to be connected or coming from the stars.  Everybody always seems to have there own agenda and I understand.  Everybody has a desire and a needs that needs to be met.

I realized that I can dream all I want or wish upon a star. But a dream is only a silly dream–the silly dream that most see until it comes true. For a dream to come true, your heart needs to be in the right place. Your MIND and body need to be right there with it too. It is easy to doubt and much harder to step away from outside forces and just be–BE OURSELVES.  What does it mean to be ourselves anyway? Is it the kind of person who walks among trees with the sun hitting against her cheeks. I dream of this book and I didn’t make it to the deadline I planned but I have made great progress. I love the wise trees book and for a moment I was faced with a decision. Do I really want to publish this book with my personal thoughts? I mean what will people think? Wait a minute there’s that ME. I BELEIVE IN THIS BOOK and the ideas and all the other books I’ve written. That thought is astral because it sure isn’t of this world.


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Mireya is a mixed media artist who paints words and books about curiosity land ove. She uses vibrant color and a love of nature to inspire herself and others.