Watercolor with Food Color…

…….What? I came across this idea while guest teaching and OH  BOY am I glad! I had to try one just to make sure I knew exactly how to do it. OKAY the curiosity and passion just called my name.  I can’t believe how awesome they came out.



coffee liners, food coloring, droppers, cups filled with a little water, wax paper or other paper towels so the mess won’t stain the table. Oh make sure you stack a couple of liners so your paper is thicker and you’ll have less mess.


Fill the cups with a little water and add food coloring. Then fill the droppers with the food coloring mixture  and slowly give the dropper a little squeeze over the coffee liner and watch the awesomeness happen. Oh YES you can then dip the dropper in the bottle of food coloring and again watch the awesomeness happen!

Start with the lighter colors like yellow or water food coloring mixture and then go for the food coloring out of the bottle.


Got a little crazy but it’s all good.


Even the paper meant to help with the mess has an awesome texture. So cool right!


Look at the awesome fall trees the kids made!

0912161201a0912161201b0912161201cYes there was a mess but we KIDS had a blast!

Just look at the clean up napkins! Yes one of us spilled the bottle of food coloring but look what happened!


-there are no impossibilities

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