Learn as you go!

These are my very first paintings of this idea. Talk about a humble beginning.   I have lots more tries.

This is my most recent painting and layout.



Always learn from you mistakes and keep working everyday. I know I have said this over and over again but its the truth. Your best work happens when you lose yourself in you art. What’s that saying? To find yourself you have to lose yourself.  Here’s  an old but favorite idea.  I wanted to practice with textures. I wanted a friendly and cheerful vibe. It’s so silly and wonderful to realize that you best wok happens when you just let yourself go. I had to draw the little teddy bear. He’s our best friend. The one who held us tight and protected us from thunder nights.  The one who rode along with us on our bike. The one who holds our childhood in his paws.

The one we can’t bear to get rid of. Yes we have to grow up but  the imagination and play should always be with us.  Yes I like this idea and here’s to my childhood and all of the had work ahead of me. Hard work is part of the journey. I am happy with the progress I have made here. I am even more happy with the  ideas to come.

I recently went to a wonderful Watercolor exhibit at the county fair. There I was looking at all of the beauty and thinking and feeling this tremendous excitement  of all of the possibilities I have yet to discover…more on this next Friday.

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