Cake Prompt

It’s almost my birthday!  It’s been awhile since I have created such art. “Cake isn’t good for you.” they said. Who will buy your digital art?  Do I listen or do I give it my all and decide for myself? This began my journal of self discovery. The only problem is I have countless hours of practice ahead of me. I am  proud of my work so far. I have worked on art every single day.  My birthday is a time to reflect on my life and all that I am blessed with.  I am grateful for all of the wonderful moments that keep me on this amazing journey.  There I was looking at all walls covered in watercolor and surrounded by beautiful flowers. I just kept oohing and awing every little detail and thinking that there’s a whole world of discovery waiting for me. This is what tells me I am right where I need to be. I need to get working.  Okay well not exactly but at least I know I’m getting there. Is this not a huge clue that somehow I am supposed to keep painting. Yeah it’s my birthday and as I blow out the candles I will wish for…?   More on the watercolor exhibit and my art in the coming weeks.

-there are no impossibilitiesbelieve-cake

Thoughts? I have got to paint this with watercolor!

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I have all these stories and use color, texture and nature to bring them to life. My favorite supplies are watercolor, acrylic, and fun tools. I just want to create.