watercolor and tempera

Critique your Art




The Great part of working on art everyday is that amazing things just happen.

Really they do! I work on my art everyday.  I have projects that I am passionate about and keep working on. Here are two versions of a quote: I’m like everyone else the only difference is I’m me. It’s an idea that I love. The artwork on the left has notes and  a little random watercolor practice. I like to use all of my paper.

Anyway the idea is that we are all awesome, like everyone, but we are our own  fabulous selves.  In my latest painting I had this idea! Then I just let go. I painted what I wanted without thinking. Not sure of the crazy purple red color?  I love the blue textured flower and the marbles. . What flower is the prettiest? I do believe that is the point. I imagine kids having this conversation and playing marbles of course.

-there are no impossibilities