watercolor and tempera

That was then…

This is now!



I love the color scheme and the butterfly. I love the idea of the dandelions too.  I like the layout much better  and the color scheme is beautiful….BUT its not the astonishment I hope for.

I imagine this girl or boy having the biggest smile and the warm sun with a breeze…how I love a dandelion wish.

Originally I had the quote…


After the Pete Pan book of course. I do love the letters and the bird. So I clearly have much more practice ahead of me. Why am I showing you my work? However humble my work is right now, its my work and I am proud of it. I want to make friends and share my love of what I do and that’s it.   My art really does remind me of growing and I hope it does for you too.


Starting Wednesday  I will begin a letter a day challenge. I am so excited! Let’s draw letters together!