watercolor and tempera

Do What You Love.

and love what you do. I think of all the times I felt proud of my work and the choices I made-when I am having a good day or still a great day in spite of a negative circumstance.  Love was always there. The times when I felt sad, angry, hopeless, worried or restless, well these were days that were not so full of love.

My point here is to fill your days with as much love as you possibly can. This way when the tough hard knock life stuff happens you can face it and overcome it.

Here is a sample of some of the projects I have been working on.

Project theme was astonishing

take 2

I love color and have been mixing wonderful color.  This is a while ago but I loved creating it. I practice color mixing practically everyday. I and thinking about creating a skillshare class. 1029151959[1]

A piece from the embrace your art series on skillshare.0223161810

and another.0218161621[1]Hope you enjoy them….more to come. I am working on  my picture book, and testing some ideas for graphic tees for Society 6. I also want to open my etsy shop.

See you soon!