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Art That’s Cool – Raphael

I believe its important to really have an appreciation for artists across the line. I have seen some amazing art and I am always drawn to how this idea just originated one day- oh I am reminded of this amazing artist who uses glass?  I will see if I can remember where it came from.

Let’s take a look at Raphael


He was a painter from the  High Renaissance  1483-1520.

At an early age he  was influenced by his father who was also a great artist.

It is said that he sketched this self portrait at the age of 11.

Niceday's wonderful "IMAGINARY-MUSEUM": 10/2013

He was a humble person and brought with him a harmony lives on in his paintings. His most famous is the School of Athens.

Raphael and The School of Athens | Art History

Look at the emotions and the overall human approach that is shown with each expression and body movement.

Raphael studied and perfected his craft with other artists. He loved animals and in general was a very loving person. He recreated art inspired by some amazing artists like Perugino  and perhaps Leonardo as well.  He worked on his art everyday an surrounded himself with  fabulous mentors who could help him perfect the techniques he masted in his own works. What intrigues me the Most is where his inspiration came from.  He was passionate about family, love, animals and religion as evidenced in the many Mary portraits.