watercolor and tempera

Fall Hand Lettering #30

This goes with play…you can’t play unless you have cool tools to play with.

Get out there and what ever you think you should use…USE IT.


I forgot I had these.


love the finger painting.  I recently tried adding salt and bleach to my watercolor for some cool texture…it was great working with something new and waiting to see what would happen.

Watercolors, 16 Assorted Colors Crayola® 53-0160 CYO530160 530160 ...

Love working with crayola paint…and I did work with the markers but I just have a hard time doing what I want with them. I will give it one last try before I decide to part ways. These paints aren’t as easy to blend or pigmented as cottman and the Academy magenta I have but they allow me to play and save me the worry of wasting a $50 set.