watercolor and tempera

Fall Hand lettering #23

So I was working on this project for a class. I realized something huge that to succeed you have to step out of your comfort zone and that involves vulnerability. You have to put yourself out there and that is why I pot everything I have created. It is about being creative and having fun.

Just playing with what I had available at the time.

Round 1

Didn’t like the negative space at the bottom

So I changed it. This is a bible quote and lately it reminds me to just be content with what I have and see the abundance around me and help others. I imagine this on a serving platter or even on a pumpkin, or mug…I don’t know.

I wanted a nice teal but settle for these shades.

I haven’t had much practice with adding weight with script lettering I work mostly with thickblock letters but I must practice this lettering.

Any feedback would be great! I am in love with lettering and watercolor and am working to get it right. You know when I just hold that brush and just draw or paint I do my best but when I am focused on getting it right I don’t. Can you relate?