watercolor and tempera

Fear is the opposite of creativity…

Yes it sure is. I have been listening to this new podcast…well new to me! Here is the link…https://unmistakablecreative.com/

I listened to the one featuring Seth Godin.  He said some words that just made me feel so different…vulnerable and powerful… no excuses.

“If you are sitting there thinking how do I know if I will succeed. If you are asking this question then forget it because you have already lost”

Every time you are distracted and don’t feel like it or aren’t in the mood that is fear talking.

To conquer fear give it a name and recognize it. When it shows up dismiss it.

The real question is What is education for?

Please check out these candid conversations.

Go on listen and then create a hand lettering piece. I’ll post mine in a few days!