watercolor and tempera

Layout and Design

Learning all about this layout and here is what I have learned.

In the early 1800s there wasn’t much competition and the product was the main focus. Then gradually it is the idea, a lifestyle and day in the life rather and branding. Now I think its more about character, personality and appealing to the individual experience.

I really love the Coca-Cola because they connect with anyone, are carefree and just about enjoying life. This is the style I want to persue in my art. I really love the Pear Soap. I love the somewhat simple yet detailed work.  I really love the playful vibe and the letters in the lithograph ad as well. I really love a vintage feel. This is the style I seem to me realy drawn to and want to use in creating my style of art.

I am working on a project and these are some layouts I love and was just taking notes of the letterforms, layout and what I like about them.

Ideas for my art:

Style: vintage

Mood: fun, sweet and colorful

Details: nature, hearts in small ways, monochromatic shades

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