watercolor and tempera

Always wanted to draw with lipstick….


I was looking at my etsy shop and feeling down about all the skill I need to be learning to really become successful at my new shop idea. I have been trying for some time to produce the necessary changes to make it work. Do I believe in my idea? Yes and I love it. The problem is…well there are tons of them and didn’t realize what needed to be fixed until last night when I listened to a motivating podcast on how to stay motivated. I love Sean and Ben and for the record am by no means advertising for them or anything. I am simply giving credit where it is due.

So I realized that I need to be working on what is right. I wanted so desperately to put up some items in my shop but they were not ready and I am not ready. I just don’t want to fall in the trap of  I am not ready and never do it. I have to put something out there and enough with the I am not ready. So I have decided to be ready with what works for right now.  To take baby steps that lead me toward the big dream….I am writing a detailed list today with verbs…this is what I learned from the podcast. Usually I set goals and get overwhelmed and lose motivation. I realized that hey it is because I wasn’t breaking things down and taking small steps toward the big goal. Sounds so simple right. So I am officially taking a sabbatical leave from my etsy shop. I am working on my watercoloring, drawing, and hand lettering, and creative writing.  I will be working on images, poems and practicing my hand lettering with some of the quotes and poems.  This way I am putting my ideas out there and practicing.I would really appreciate a vote of confidence from you guys. Even if it means you simple click the like button.

So what does the drawing in lipstick have to do with this blog post. I am taking a leave and it doesn’t mean that my dreams have stopped or that I have given up, it means I am giving my self the time to learn new skills and have new equipment…yes I will be upgrading to a new phone and a better camera. I need to maybe learn how to work that photoshop. I have have seen some new brush effects for my pages and there is so much more. This summer I will be enrolling in a master hand lettering course and am so excited about…..perfect timing to launch a new business. What are you working on? Comment below and lets inspire each other!

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