watercolor and tempera

Lemonade Stand Rumors…

FYI: I will be posting my thoughts with the above theme.

SO there she was teaching multiplication facts and became so board…then a a terrible thought overcame her…she can’t stand routine and doing things over and over again.   Could this be the reason why she sits on her dreams and takes forever to make things happen. I mean she has great ideas and does a good job of preparing but come on let’s be real. To succeed at anything you have to practice and practice and well hello, this involves routine. Even the greats of the great had to work hard every single day to make it happen.

The lesson here is that I know that routine is part of every success story. You have to work hard and sometimes do the same. Practice makes perfect and when you do something you love it feels perfect!

What do you think?


Oh I have been learning about artists and maybe I should post a summary of every artists I learn about. This week its been Van Gough and Leonardo da Vinci?

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