watercolor and tempera

See All The Positive

1222141602 0117150957a

Do you see any differences between the first apple and the second. I see some improvements.

-the word big is actually bigger and uppercase to play up the word big

-letters seem a bit more balanced

-letters seem straighter

-leaves are more proportioned

-I like the shape of the apple better

-spacing is better

-g’s are looking better- I don’t know why but its hard for me to draw a g

-the first thing one reads is change the world…this is the most important part of the message..I need to recolor the I will part too..i want it to read change the world I will

So last night I was feeling down about my art and then I realized hey stop trying to compare yourself to others.

These artists have been in the art business for years and they have drawn so much more. So no, my work isn’t going to be the high quality that theirs is…so off with the pressure. I know that my art is improving and that means I am getting better and better. All the projects I do give me practice, practice builds improvement and improvement leads to confidence. I am learning and next time I draw I will think about the mistakes I made and work on them.  Yes I see the positive! What are you working on?

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