watercolor and tempera

Change The World…


So why am I posting this picture, yet again? Well a new year brings with it a new chance, a clean start, new hope and call it what you want but it’s a new beginning. I keep thinking about my purpose in life.  I truly believe that my life means something…that I am here for a reason..to change the world..whatever that means is the million dollar question. So this brings me to the above photo.

I love this Johnny Appleseed quote art and something magical happens when I am drawing. Yes I am a long ways from writing that wonderful and practically perfect letter and sketch like I often see in a You Tube Video.  Wow, some artists make it seem so easy….but as I have come to realize, hand lettering takes a whole lot of practice. So I am dedicated to practicing my letters and my drawings so I can share my art with the world.   If you are a subscriber, you may have noticed that my blog name has changed. I have changed my blog name to relate to my new shop Little Lemonade Studio…more about this later.  Thank you all for reading and subscribing to my blog. I will be blogging more and trying to spend time on your blogs.

I have realized that I need to keep working on my art, ideas and practice practice. My goals for 2015 are to write a children’s book. I have roughly written a few book ideas.  One day they just popped in my head and wrote them down… never acting on them until I came across a skillshare class on picture books and well I have to try. Wherever this leads me I don’t know but I want to take that chance and need to spend some time working on them. I will continue and work on my classes in skillshare. I will spend some more time watercoloring and really ridiculously improve my art. I love drawing and I love art. This is my new love and where there is love wonderful things are bound to happen…..

What do you want to achieve? List it below.

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