watercolor and tempera

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here’s a quick thought. Wasn’t sure if it felt like Christmas yet. I was going from place to place and watching everyone trying to get the perfect present. People making plans and visiting people they have not seen in a while. It takes a long time, money and stress to do it all but…..here’s the big but it’s all worth it. My point is forget about the perfect meal, present and just be happy because when you are stressed it just doesn’t feel like its worth all of the fuss.  But you and your family, they are truly worth what this holiday season is really about. It is wonderful to give and see others happy. It is wonderful just to sit and relax in the warmth of one’s home and with every breath feel comfort, love and gratitude.  I must admit there were times today that I didn’t feel this way but then as I was watching The Santa Clause Story I looked up at the lights on the tree and then it happened. I thought yeah this is nice and this feels like Christmas.  I am going to make it my mission to feel this way everyday.

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