watercolor and tempera

New Art….New Adventures at Disneyland





Love Disneyland around this time.

Here is some of my new art. I will teak the colors for the believe cake. All of my art can be found on etsy. I am still thinking about what new products to add to my shop. I am thinking a beach/shopping type of tote bag. I am still thinking about mugs and I like the idea of a decal sticker that you can add to notebooks, mugs, and so on. Have any ideas or resources I can learn from? Please comment below and let me know. I do appreciate all of your feedback. I get such wonderful advice!  I renewed my pass for Disneyland and just in time too! I hadn’t planned on going this year but my family insisted I do so and I did enjoy drawing at the imagineering drawing they have at California Adventure. I drew Olaf and a character from Monsters University. I hope to share pictures with you. I will be planning my summer calendar with fun crafts, projects and working hard on my shop to get ready for the holidays. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend! Thank you for all those who gave their lives and continue to do so in the name of what freedom means. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. let freedom ring!

-have a sweet day


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