Update ….

So its been a couple of days since I wrapped up my holiday themed journal. I am getting ready to take a break in the coming of the holiday season. I wanted to touch base with you and let you all know how much I appreciate your likes and for joining the little lemonade party here!

I leave you now with a sample of my latest project and a little fyi. I am working on some fun  ideas for the blog. Next week I will run my ideas by you and get ready to work on the mother of all projects thus far. I have yet to pick a theme as this has just occurred to me to  create a project and show of my skills. Everywhere students are wrapping up their finals and jumping for joy. I should work on a project….more on that nest week.

For now here’s one of my latest pieces from my class.




Published by Mireya

Mireya is a mixed media artist who paints words and books about curiosity land ove. She uses vibrant color and a love of nature to inspire herself and others.