is a gypsy phrase that I painted a while ago.Why not simply paint and let the idea emerge as I paint? As I create this year I want to simply do what I want to do and have fun. Freddie Mercury was a wise man. Chachipe’ is a gypsy term I learned while watching a Spanish novella. It means reality and truth.

The Gypsies would greet and say good-bye using this phrase. I like the phrase but the above interpretation doesn’t do this cool phrase justice.

Day 1

Do some research on gypsy patterns and color. Then paint. Same rules.

Day 2

let’s really get to work here and fix this.

Looking good

Weird but I like it…

Alright maybe rethink the color scheme here. BUT working with patterns and layering color is great for learning color the Josef Albers way. I’m ready to move on to the next project. Yes I need to start working on the live your story book.

-there are no impossibilities


I have a fast deadline ahead of me. There’s the Wise Trees book deadline and other projects. And yet I take time to paint ideas that have nothing to do with the project.  I have a book cover to finalize and the final draft–I keep saying this. It’s nerve wracking so I  have to paint.

Some projects are old…



but I had this inclination to repaint

Joy hand painted in bue


What a relaxing breathe of fresh air. This is my first book. I’m nervous. I have read the book,many times. I love it. BUT I must edit with a fresh pair of eyes. Why not take a breather and build my confidence with fun art?



OK so I guess my book can’t escape me entirely. I used a tree watercolor wash as a background for this quote. The idea for this quote is–WAIT A MINUTE should I do something like this for the book cover?



The WISE TREES BOOK helped me realize that I am a writer and a painter who needs to write all these stores in my head. It’s not fair to have them exist only in my imagination and not give them a chance. I will bring them all to life. Wherever I go whatever I do, the ideas are simply there-nagging me really.



Only now there’s many short stories but…

There are no impossibilities

Going to be a famous artist

Yes I long for the days when I can  decide to walk in my garden and then head to  my studio and paint. I could plan to travel to Mexico City for a workshop and stay at my Hacienda because it’s my place. What does it take? I read someplace that you have to walk your talk.

Some of the work that means the world to me.



Some new stuff

I found a great quote for this happy guy.  Be Strong in Witt.



Elvis walked around in an expensive jacket and pants. He took his guitar every place he went. YEAH …Elvis spent everyday living his DREAM until it actually came true! I’m going to do that.  I have BUT let’s be honest not exactly.  I’ve just been thinking. I mean I was on instagram posting my work. By my work I mean some good copy from Mary Kate Mcdevitt:


and thinking how awesome Mary Kate Mcdevitt’s work is. I love her style and YEAH she gives speeches and teaches classes. She has books and OH I love her work. SO there I was posting MY WORK and noticed the same old same old brush lettering video. I see so many of these and then I see work I’ve never seen gold watercolor or melted crayons melted  in an awesome heart shape and I ‘m like HOW DID THEY DO THAT. All I can think about is YES that’s  what I want. I am working on my story because I don’t want to compete. Yes I want to dominate with my story and my art.

Working on new stuff and exploring.  Working on my book.  Got to keep working!

-there are no impossibilities



Do What You Love.

and love what you do. I think of all the times I felt proud of my work and the choices I made-when I am having a good day or still a great day in spite of a negative circumstance.  Love was always there. The times when I felt sad, angry, hopeless, worried or restless, well these were days that were not so full of love.

My point here is to fill your days with as much love as you possibly can. This way when the tough hard knock life stuff happens you can face it and overcome it.

Here is a sample of some of the projects I have been working on.

Project theme was astonishing

take 2

I love color and have been mixing wonderful color.  This is a while ago but I loved creating it. I practice color mixing practically everyday. I and thinking about creating a skillshare class. 1029151959[1]

A piece from the embrace your art series on skillshare.0223161810

and another.0218161621[1]Hope you enjoy them….more to come. I am working on  my picture book, and testing some ideas for graphic tees for Society 6. I also want to open my etsy shop.

See you soon!

I love the people in my life, the job I get to do everyday and the art I can create. I want to live up to people’s expectations in a sense. Well the people and circumstances that matter to me the most. Sometimes things happen and you have to go with the flow.  Don’t you have to stand out to do it your way! Don’t you need love to help you stand up tall?

This scares me. I am currently writing a story on this very idea . Doubt and fear are always there but love is greater. When you focus on LOVE you focus less on fear. Makes sense?


I love art and you know that right? I ave been focused all month on this love in terms of themes and creating a process that’s all my own. I will share some of my favorite projects Sunday.

See you then!


Taking a Sabbatical

I am on a break and will be back on Sunday.

I just want to leave you with these words.

Do what you love! Find the joy in everything: a tree, breeze, bird, your hobbies, a memory and maybe that delicious piece of pie. I jut had a lice of coconut pie and yeah it was good. Sometimes a little desert is good. But please take your time an savor. This week I am thinking about thee block letters I love so much. I will ponder on the joy found in everything and experience it as best I can. I will be pondering my values and principles. I will be relaxing and going over the basics. I will be looking at what I have done so far and how I have grown.

I really want to create some awesome letters like this. The Joy is one of my sketches and  a work in progress. I love using crayola products because they are what I used as a kid.

See you Sunday.


I did it everyone and I learned not to give up! Okay I have learned this before but wow what a kick in the butt.  I did I don’t know how many retakes and frankly I am sick of looking at a screen right now. I am proud of my class. I know that I will look back and see all these I wish I did this or that but its good enough. I think its a great time to settle down with my latest read: The Alchemist    Oh I wanted to share the link in case you

are interested. Just click on the link and you can earn yourself a free month of skillshare. There are tons of awesome classes.

Don’t forget my Fall theme hand lettering series kicks off October 1st!

It’s My Party And I’ll…

Cry happy tears if I want to… yes today is my birthday. I am loving loving life. Okay so the picture I had imagined for this birthday doesn’t exactly look like I imagined it but… I did some painting last night and realized something important. I didn’t use a pencil to sketch. I just tested out various brushes. I was carefree and jut drew. Wrote different words some of conversation that was happening around me at that moment.

Here they are



This is the first time I painted letters this way and I loved it. I think of what it will look with tons of practice. Yeah I think I finally figured out what I want to do and maybe answer the question. What is my purpose in life? I love writing and thinking about my purpose. Why not combine that with the thrill I get when I hold a paint brush in my hand and create what I want.  I am a hand lettering artist. That’s worth celebrating!

Oh quick update…I will be decorating a pumpkin, hand lettering projects, maybe using pumpkin seeds or candy corn to build letter forms and so on. Oh and hand lettering from my favorite place of course Disneyland.

Be sure and subscribe so you won’t miss. I will be listing daily from September 30 through Halloween. I am not quite sure on the days. I am still working out the details.

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