notes on lettering love

One word art. I take a word and express my thoughts with ideas, color and texture. Why do these notes taking first try seem better than the final. I think I thought too much. There’s a clear diference between thinking of a plan vs thinking with a whole lot of should I’s. The final is plain. This first draft has a hypie, love groovy vibe that I dig.

In today’s podcast I heard the word flow. In today’s module I heard flow. Flow is important. Michaelangelo said,”It is necessary to keep one’s compass in one’s eyes and not in the hand, for the hands execute, but the eye judges.”

This was good practice today but nothing more. I realize that I enjoy painting so much more when I let one idea flow to the next. Somewhere I wrote down that I want to be able to freely create with the hand and the heart. Makes more sense to let curisoity guide me. I can try out different tools and see what works. The more I practice the more I can just let ideas flow. Here’s to lots more mistakes. Not every idea is going to work. BUT every idea is part of the process that leads to the right idea.

Thanks for reading. Every day there’s more of you!

Hand Lettering My Way…

this is not my typical workspace but I’m at work and this is my lunch break. I’m so glad I have Afinity Photo. I can scan, erase, and rearrange layout. I forgot how hard this process is. If you make a mistake there’s no eraser. I chose not to use a pencil. Am I CRAZY? I love the adrenaline rush. You just keep going and enjoy the process. I did need two tries to get some ideas right. I think I’ve got it! I’m ready to move on. Not looking for perfection, only my best. Let’s just continue this awesomeness. I’ve got 15 more minutes till lunch ends…


is a gypsy phrase that I painted a while ago.Why not simply paint and let the idea emerge as I paint? As I create this year I want to simply do what I want to do and have fun. Freddie Mercury was a wise man. Chachipe’ is a gypsy term I learned while watching a Spanish novella. It means reality and truth.

The Gypsies would greet and say good-bye using this phrase. I like the phrase but the above interpretation doesn’t do this cool phrase justice.

Day 1

Do some research on gypsy patterns and color. Then paint. Same rules.

Day 2

let’s really get to work here and fix this.

Looking good

Weird but I like it…

Alright maybe rethink the color scheme here. BUT working with patterns and layering color is great for learning color the Josef Albers way. I’m ready to move on to the next project. Yes I need to start working on the live your story book.

-there are no impossibilities


I have a fast deadline ahead of me. There’s the Wise Trees book deadline and other projects. And yet I take time to paint ideas that have nothing to do with the project.  I have a book cover to finalize and the final draft–I keep saying this. It’s nerve wracking so I  have to paint.

Some projects are old…



but I had this inclination to repaint

Joy hand painted in bue


What a relaxing breathe of fresh air. This is my first book. I’m nervous. I have read the book,many times. I love it. BUT I must edit with a fresh pair of eyes. Why not take a breather and build my confidence with fun art?



OK so I guess my book can’t escape me entirely. I used a tree watercolor wash as a background for this quote. The idea for this quote is–WAIT A MINUTE should I do something like this for the book cover?



The WISE TREES BOOK helped me realize that I am a writer and a painter who needs to write all these stores in my head. It’s not fair to have them exist only in my imagination and not give them a chance. I will bring them all to life. Wherever I go whatever I do, the ideas are simply there-nagging me really.



Only now there’s many short stories but…

There are no impossibilities