wise trees book

E-book is here!


My book is here. Did I just upload the file and hit submit? Yup. Now I wait, until I receive confirmation that everything is ready for printing and press.  Thank you amazon. Thank you wonderful person.

Funny how the tables turned. Yesterday I felt this nudge in my heart. It yelled, I knew you couldn’t do it. I saw all of the books I am working on. All of the deadlines I committed to and the hope and love poured out on every single page.  I knew I could do it.

I took a break. I had some chocolate, tea and painted for my next book. Oh and I asked for help. Today I came home and in minutes finished my book.

Oh shoot now its on to other projects. I’m scared. I’m excited.

-There are no impossibilities


watercolor and tempera

Day 11 Rain


I love this idea and the fact that I am really capturing the playfulness  of being a kid.

watercolor and tempera

Watercolor Painting + Mascara Wand?


Yes I painted the tree branches with a mascara wand. Every good hand letterer steps out of the box.

watercolor and tempera

Sketchbook & Painting


I love this color and need to rework the lettering.

watercolor and tempera

Practice and loving It…


First time I tried this chalkboard lettering and I must say I loved it! I did use watercolor paint but who’s asking right. I need to practice and practice so bye.

watercolor and tempera

Love painting floweres


watercolor and tempera

StoryBoard and New Art


This is a storyboard for the picture book I am writing. If you know of any contests or online publishing sites please email me thanks.

New art

I love the way the bottom one looks-color and all. I am working on this hand lettering style.


watercolor and tempera

New Art


watercolor and tempera

Mother’s Day Waterolor Cards

0505151057I just used watercolor pencils, paintbrush and cardstock. If you are a teacher and lookng for a cute Mother’s Day idea this is it.

Update on my 30 day art challenge. I apologize for the terrible photos. I have just about had it with mu beat up old phone. LOL0507150734

watercolor and tempera

Better Than Cake

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