Could I paint with a Q-tip?

I’ll say!

So glad I saw this on You Tube! The idea was that you take a bunch of Q-tips and wrap them up together with a big rubber band. So you use this new Q-tip brush to then dip in paint to create instant awesome flowers.

I love the idea but I didn’t feel like wasting a bunch of Q-tips. I didn’t want to paint flowers BUT I want to paint trees. I have lots of trees to paint for my new side project– Wise Trees.  I had an idea.  I simply mix-up tempera red and white, a little water and a touch of pink watercolor of course.  Maybe some brown, just to create a warm pink.



Okay so that didn’t go well. Wait, the color is fabulous but the branches are WAY to thick and heavy.  No need to mention that I didn’t blend the paint on the branches or the trunk right. Besides, the pink here is so pretty. I can’t get over how pretty my pink is.  And with the shade of brown…wish is worked out.  Well I do have lots more paint.



Alright so here we go. Not the same wonderful color but still a beauty. I painted the tree with a marker. I colored with a marker then applied water with a paint brush. Not bad. I LOVE the idea of using mixed media to practice my art skills and at the same time focus on a project like my book. Wise Trees is an amazing book that combines my love of nature, painting and writing.


Next week I’ll paint more trees and tackle the love poem. I keep writing. Oh the frustration but I have fun.  Oh and I’ll be working on a pink tree. Maybe the Q-tip idea will work for my tree after all?


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.


How to Master Art?

I was working on a project and proud of my painting skills. YES I’m improving. but I  want so much to jump in the phase of  a famous artist who flies to Mexico City or New York to give a speech or host a workshop.  Hold the famous part-well maybe?  I just want to paint and make people smile and laugh.

Part of working on art involves being good at what you want to do…REALLY GOOD!  I’M working on color and texture.

I love my ideas:


I really do


But I’ve got to face the facts. I want to practice the basics before I can create beautiful art. I am the intern who spends two years mastering color and technique before she can create  her own masterpiece. That’s  it!  I’m as they say losing myself in experiments and sketching.  AND I will share it all with you. The holidays are here and that brings so much fun!.  I CHOOSE to practice lettering, anatomy of lettering, color, and art history.  I will spend EVERYDAY working on this fun and exciting stuff.  BUT I’ll work on one weekly project to test myself.





Today sketching and color and tomorrow more sketches.


-nothing is impossible