Watercolor Wonderland

…and so the animal exploration continues. I’ve been writing, watching videos and focusing on my thoughts. I feel like my prepration is similar to an actor preparing for the role. I don’t know. I keep going back and forth but in the end I feel I’m on the right track. I trust I am. I have pages and pages of writing.

So why a snowman in a winter wonderland? Nature is beautiful. I wanted to capture a cold illluminating winter night. Sure you’re freezing but you feel the warmth and love of the universe. That’s what I feel when I’m in nature and admiring all the animals in the world as I often do. Plus this is a fun winter project.

This is super easy to create. All you need is watercolor paper and the biggest brush you have. Wet the paper and lightly add the paint. Allow your paint to dry before you add the next layer. Then use white paint to create a snowman, and snow. To create the snow you wet your brush, dip the brush in paint and hold it diagonally in your hand. With the brush bristles between your thumb and first index finger, use your thumb to flicker the brush and watch the snow fall. Test this to make sure it looks good first. I used pens to create the hat, face, buttons and scarf. This could easily be done with tempera paint. And use circle stampers to create the snowman.

Now I’ll go upload my signature so I can add it to my art. I’m an artist right? Why haven’t I been signing my work? I don’t think I even realized the importance of doing so. Ok time to put on the tea and get to work.

Holiday Collection

How I painted

  1. ( top left corner) watercolor and salt.
  2. heart shaped loops in various green tones
  3. painting circles and letting the paint blend together
  4. downward strokes
  5. using color to create a bountiful tree
  6. more salt.

The trees and this project are pretty much done. Last night was crazy! I was sure that this project was done. I wasn’t feeling the connection between my books and this holiday project. But then some awesome ideas came into play. I busted out the thinking map, changed my attitude-thought and thought.

After a walk with Roxy and three hours later I have 11 designs. I went with my ideas.

Tomorrow’s a new day. I’m working on Road Trip and a fun painting puzzle idea.

Painting trees with …

whatever you want! That’s what I did with Wise Trees and that’s what the kids that I miss so much did.

Without law without hour

It’s the best way to create. Tonight I’ll work on the book cover and that’s it.

Draw like…ME


All of my books are projects with a learning theme. The first book was about overcoming resitence. The second book was about drawing… getting comfortable with my drawing. The hardest part of being an artists is letting go of all the pre-concieved notions…that you can’t…what will they think. Or the infamous but it doesn’t look right.


You have to let go of all of that. Yup, the third book was about building my happy place. The third book was about taking my time. I wanted to test ideas and learn. I explored the notion of when it’s time to let the painting die but not the idea.

I drew the first trying to copy what I saw in an amazing photo. I drew the second (right door) after I decided to abandon all pre-concieved notions and paint. I broke the design down to it’s basic shapes and painted away.


Now I think I’ll go shop for a brown pen or marker. I am going to hand letter the words in this book. Oh I have decided I need to make a few changes to the e-books before I publish the paperbacks. It’s all good because there are no imposibilities.

I’m an artist!

I’m so grateful to be teaching children the beauty of art. Art makes me feel like the world is mine and there are no impossibilities.

I’ve been decorating a classroom. It’s been taking over my days. But I can’t rememebr a time when I smiled so much! I had to remind myself of home and the non-art to-do list I have.

I should film the awesomeness we made. The children loved their art.It was a gift to see their faces light up with all the confidence in the world.. What a beautiful moment. Can’t I do this FOREVER. PLEASE.

I say yes. I am working on my next book and almost half-way done with the illustrations. YAY!

…the tart shell needs work but tempera paint you are going to help me.

The interesting part of all this is that:

I’ve been working on my art.

Collage butterflies just have my heart.

But I messed up the hand lettering

Did I pin the watercolored leaves in conontrasting color, I’m doubting myself and it stings.

BUT I overheard them say,” Wow I love your color, you know what your doing.”

I’m and artist, they say. I know and it feels amazing!

I’m ready to finish my book.

I see them give my art a second look.

Yeah, it was meant to be.

It’s time to put your name on the cover.

That way we all can reunite with curiosity, there’s a whole world to discover!

I should take some pictures, perhaps a video.

Maybe turn this experience into a craft book, that would be neat-o!

try new things

Idea 1 : Paint some cool clouds with this cotton pom-pom. Not bad.

Idea 2: Use a little India ink to paint a heart. That was fun.

Maybe I should rethink the color here?

…but the more I look at it, the more I like it
…which one has the right vibe.

Who you are is a wonder to behold. Which one has that vibe. I’m going to say the 1st is easier on the eye and sporadically feels right…

Idea 3: Paint a heart character ( idea 2and 3 are for the book)

Idea 4 : This idea came from a book. The passage is something like this,” Most fish talk. You just have to be willing to listen. One, of course must want to hear.

india ink is beautiful but the fish and lettering need help…

“What an awesome way to say believe in the impossible. The impossible can happen but one must be willing to think it so.

Idea : 5 It’s been raining a whole lot and yesterday the sun came out. To bask in the glory of nature one must experience pouring rain. Oh it’s so true because the skies are ever so blue, crisp and clean. The first glimpse of sun always warms me on a cold day after a storm. It did today. Then …we’ll there goes the awesome clouds I made this morning.

Oh well ,you win some and you lose some. It’s the game of trying new things. I have two projects down for the book. I still have to think about the lettering layout. I can’t obsess because I got this. I will paint the words, practice watercolor. I want this book out there. People are going to love it. They already love the poem…no hay imposibles.

Wisdom Tree

There was an Oprah speech a Sean Wess podcast I haven’t lsitened to in a long time, Laren Daigle’s You say and a movie.

BUT as I hand lettered my words all I could think about was Muhammad Ali’s rhyming. I ‘ll give it a try.

The only world I want to listen to makes me feel like I can do.

With her breeze she always puts me at ease.

The sun warms me. There is no doubt, I clearly see.

I will paint what I want

I got talent and I’m gonna flaunt.

You see flaws. Please put away your claws.

Cuz I got the breeze, she’s telling me keep walking with ease

There is no greater power than love,

I’ve got love

I swim among the most beautiful doves.

Today I gave a writing lesson to a first grade class. It was brilliant and I discovered …I’m a writer. This week was incredible. I sat down and I drew letters. I drew. The more I spend time in nature, the more I can say girl, Flow. Just let go and create. You got this now get out there because…there are no impossibilities

Friday Fun Day!

Why was I trying to hand letter within a heart? Clearly I’m not good at it. I love sporadically writing letters. 

I do have a big to-do list. 

Tonight I’ll start with repainting my Alma Libre. Oh and ordering some more paint.

-there are no impossibilities  

paint brush? Johnny tree…

(just going to be reviewing some of my favorite trees for the wise trees book while I make exciting changes?)

with tempera paint and a little watercolor.appletree

I’m so proud of this tree and all that it stands for. I mean Johnny Appleseed is this guy who had an awesome dream and with just one seed…just one idea he changed the world. The more I think about it the crazier it seems. He traveled by foot all over for MILES AND MLES just planting seeds. Today I can drink apple juice. Oh and I did just that the other day. In a bagel shop I bought a Martinelli’s apple juice, yes the kind that comes in a apple shaped glass. From the smile to the childhood memory to the thirst quenching on a hot spring day, I thank Johnny.  Now that I realize it every single seed I spread always made a difference. The moment I realized this oh my whole world changed. Every dream is worth exploring and walking MILES AND MILES FOR no matter how crazy it seems. I say if it sounds crazy then maybe your on to something big.

I can hardly believe that my book is near completion. I’m so proud of this book.


  • use the bottom of a round craft sponge brush to get this awesome pattern
  • imagine what happens when I find extraordinary ways to use ordinary objects
  • use tempera paint
  • used watercolor for the apples but probably should of went with tempera or acrylic
  • layer light to dark when stamping
  • as you stamp think about the story and let color tell it.
  • just stamp and see what patterns emerge ( I stamped a heart)
  • dark color for the leaves
  • choose a shape for the leaves that symbolize togetherness, earth and so much more so yes a circle seems fine
  • love your design and share it.
  • create awesome contrast (light tree trunk and beautiful vibrant color for the leaves)


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible…I just love the thinks I think up!