Can’t someone else do that?

For the remainder of the week I’ll be posting quick thoughts and perhaps a favorite project or two. I want to focus all of my time on finishing this book. With one week left, I need to focus and finishing.

I’ve been thinking. I see and hear signs all around me. Imposter syndrome? Can’t someone else do that? Use your art to take a stance and quite possibly change the world. Mark Bradford an LA artist who creates from paper routing back to his childhood days in a beauty shop. I have yet to read or watch the interview. M y senses want more.

That is my dream. To completely create because I have to. To come into this gift that lives within. I’m reminded of Shantell Martin. Her work is well… no someone else can’t do that. Watch her draw and you know what I mean. Which brings me to my fall workshop. I’ll use exploration projects to explore. I really need to finish Adolfo Serra’s Class. All I know is, I’ve always had these stories and such an imagination.

Ok now it’s time to work on the book.

Fun Collage Lettering

…and the digitizing continues. Usually I work on fun projects during the weekend. Yesterday I painted and discovered that using the right paper really does make a difference. I mixed up a beautiful emerald green and I forgot what else I learned.

Today I finally got to do some fun collage lettering. I picked up some origami paper at Daiso. I spread out my supplies and I was happy.

Art is my happy place. I could add this technique to my fall workshop. Yes now all I need is some fun quotes to work with.

A few of my supplies

My eyes hurt. I barely put a dent in the digitizing. I’ll leave you with a post of some of my supplies.

I’m in the process of creating my own watercolor palette. I love the Crayola educational sets with square pans. I settled for this oval one and refilled it with various tubes of premium and student grade watercolor paint. I’m redesigning a whole new palette. I’m restocking a few colors and adding some new tones. I keep going back and forth. I believe I’ve got an idea. I’m happy and ready for what’s to come.

Where are you?

I need to continue scanning and working on layout. I’ll leave you with an old project. So where am I? I’m working on a book about enjoying your journey and overcome the obstacles. I write about love… self, love curiosity and living your dreams.

This is an easy thumbprint activity for kids of all ages. You can make pumpkins or trees like this. I do have some of these planned for a fall creative workshop. Stay tuned.

Here’s another that I worked. I love how one project leads to another. I do have an idea for the next book. Who knows what will happen. I’m thinking of a cute little book with a bear character but that’s for Ellie.

Get this print here.

More Hand Lettering

This quote is another awesome reason for this book. I have lots of stories to tell. I was reading Live Your Story last night and it made me smile. I write because I love too. I create because I have to. I do. This page is the only reason why I felt the need to write the don’t apologize for your art post.

At lunch, there I was using my agenda as a ruler. I was redrawing the hotel. I still need a few more. Road Trip eminded me of how much I love hand lettering. This week I will finally take this paper and do collage lettering. I think I should use the blue to do the book cover. I’ve been meaning to use craft paper.

I’m excited for what’s to come. Now it’s time for a little popcorn before I tackle the nitty gritty of all the wonderful digital file fun.

Does this seem fuzzy?

I am officially done with the manuscript for Road Trip. I did leave out a few pages but I’m done. This seems fuzzy and unclear when I resize. The standard size I scanned looks great. I scanned at 600 DPI but not sure what’s wrong. And I thoght the hard part was the writing. Ha.

Today is the last day to get my e-books for free. Make sure you subscribe to my blog so you’ll know when Road Trip is finished and ready for free. “It’s another manic Monday I wish it was Sunday because that’s my fun day.” Honestly, Sunday was a little manic.

Don’t Apologize For Your Art

What does apologizing for your art sound like?

Oh I could have done better but I didn’t have the right tools. My letters are too messy. My work doesn’t look like Ana’s. If only I could hand letter like so and so. I’d show this but it’s not good enough. And you post about this on Instagram. Stop! Even if your work looks like this in the beginning stages, don’t apologize for it.

You are an artist and you are learning how to tell your story or perhaps you are. Forget about the rules of art. Create and never apologize for your art. If you’re always apologizing for you work then how can you be confident? You have to be that kid who doesn’t care and simply paints!

This by the way has been the biggest takeaway of writing my latest book Road Trip: lessons for life. Today I finish the last writngs and sketches. I feel good and I knew that I would….

P.S. There are still a few more days to get free e-books. If you love my blog then you’ll love my books. You can get them while there free. Download them and read them when you want. If you are a reader please leave a review on Amazon.

Hand Lettering My Way…

this is not my typical workspace but I’m at work and this is my lunch break. I’m so glad I have Afinity Photo. I can scan, erase, and rearrange layout. I forgot how hard this process is. If you make a mistake there’s no eraser. I chose not to use a pencil. Am I CRAZY? I love the adrenaline rush. You just keep going and enjoy the process. I did need two tries to get some ideas right. I think I’ve got it! I’m ready to move on. Not looking for perfection, only my best. Let’s just continue this awesomeness. I’ve got 15 more minutes till lunch ends…

Art History Project

The writing for Road Trip has begun. I expect to be done by Friday. I tested out a new scanner. This weekend I finished up a class project for the domestika class. Kraft paper with brown markers created a down to earth vibe. I love the textures. I created two other variations. I’m not sharing those.

Claude Monet’s Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies is my inspiration.

The exercise in about creating from the supplies you have and coming up with your own variations. The idea is to play and to know that there are countless ways to tell a story. I love nature.

I’m going to put the class on hold. My goal for the rest of the week is to write the book. I’m ready to finish it and move on. Fall is near. The stores are stocking Autumn tones and treats. I’m working on an editorial calendar.