Creative Exploration: Two Colors

The next step is to take the exploration further with two colors. Here you want to play with your markers and colored pencils. Here’s a list of my favorites.

  1. highlighter + watercolor apply to wet or dry paper or scribble on a ceramic palette and add water
  2. blend with marker and watercolor pencil
  3. drop ink on water
  4. acrylic with marker makes great clouds
  5. painting with a wet highlighter: not to worry the water will dry as you write with it.
  6. add ink to the markers: I didn’t try this but you can!
  7. colored pencil over watercolor pencil: you get a soft texture
  8. marker over transparent layer: I actually colored over the wet layer and it created a nice texture. I’m not sure how to describe it. This is the magenta one by the way.

Playing around with textures made me realize that simple textures can make your work interesting. I’ve come to love texture. Texture can convey emotion or emphasize character. Friday I’ll begin painting paper. I’m going to make fish and bears. Now I’ll go finish exploring my paint brushes and test out my new paint.

Make Art Not War

I snapped this photo from my shop because I’m on my phone. The file is on my computer. Anyway, my favorite artists have understood me. My favorite artists encourage and demand that my quiet voice be heard. They have allowed me to become the writer and painter I am today. I can only hope and dream to encourage you. I planned to begin the Adolfo Serra creative class two- three days ago but I feel like my screen time has…I’m glad all of the digitizing is done. This is my least favorite part of the process because HELLO I was born to create. Yes I know I can create on the computer but I much rather paint. It’s been this way is kinder.

Speaking of creating I want to create a whole series of patterns with quotes in the circle.

OK. As always, thank you so much for reading. I will see you next week. I might do a special post going over all of the tips… everything I learned throughout the process of writing Road Trip, which has been a lot. I’ve certainly grown as an artist. Have a great weekend!

Looking through my portfolio

I scanned this beautiful watercolor background before I painted the quote and stars. It took a while to let the layers dry before adding the next. I didn’t want to mess up and waste my beautiful galaxy. Would you believe it, I made some more revisions for the book, the intro.

I’ll be thinking about my favorite doodles of the book and all the books I made. I’ll probably do that on Friday.

Hope this print made you feel loved.

Lunch Time Doodle

Today I sat with a few students. We drew and these are the moments I live for. He’s nonverbal and yet I drew. He followed. I should have taken a picture. Here’s mine. Now I want Crayola Super Tips.

We drew pumpkins. My inspiration was a resent Hallmark post on Think. Make. Share.

I will be adding this activity to the fall workshop. My goal is to explore color, texture and build on my creativity.

Road Trip: lessons for life the e-book available soon. Subscribe so you’ll know when you can get your free copy.

Road Trip is Done

I’m done. I did the final edit. I am thinking of rewriting the intro and the final words which as of right now read:

I wrote this book because this is my dream. What’s really your dream.

Here’s a drawing from the book.

The E-book will be available soon for free. Make sure you subscribe so you’ll know when it comes out.

Have Self Control

Funny experience today, I added a new section to the book. The highway is a busy place: FOCUS Drive like you’re taking a driving test. Have self control. The irony is I nearly lost it. Every time I tried to submit a page everything shifted. There was a little swearing. But that part of my life is over, I think. I’ll definitely be looking for an alternative for the next books.

Painting like this makes me happy. I’m much calmer now. No I didn’t paint this today but I love looking at it. I can’t wait for my new paint palette to arrive. My previous set was a Windsor Newton Cotman. I need to watch a video on different papers for the book interior.

Creative Courage

( a little late because I goofed)

I’m busy working on my book. Editing is by far the most difficult part of being an Indie author. I am the writer, illustrator, publisher, editor, illustrator, promoter, designer and EVERYTHING ELSE.

Right now I’m going through the layout and every single detail. It is a difficult task but what keeps me going is the end result. I want to support creative courage and empower. I read these in an article and yes…

Art is my breath. When I create I am empowered. I am thrilled every time I read that you are too. That is all I every really want in life. I spent three hours today editing. I can’t wait to finish.

I finally got a chance to do lettering with India ink. I’m used to working with acrylic. Acrylic is much thicker thus easier to control. I’ll practice more. We’ll see what happens. Oh, maybe I could add this to the fall workshop. I have a good list going. Anyway, teal is my favorite color to paint with. This quote speaks for itself.

See you tomorrow.