Practice leads to Adventure

seems like so long ago that I had this crazy idea to write a book. I painted trees and wrote. Now I have a collage animal book idea inspired by the man himself Eric Carle, the love poem that will be converted to a book, a flower book…I’ll be creatiing a book dummy for the next book. Oh gosh my heart is pounding.

First I must tie up loose ends with Wise Trees.

I have been repainting AGAIN, making sure all is the best it can be.

More spirals?


This is pretty good. BUT there”s not enough contrast in the spirals.

squirrel tree

Maybe the tree needs texture?


Texture is all wrong?  I went back and forth. I kept editing and editing… back and forth and looking at the words for the book.

This tree needs a squirrel. Yes, hearts and all lookin good.


There’s always an artist who has everything figured out. They are living the dream and maybe even film a live sketching or painting session. The art is amazing and the artists proceeds to say, this is a mess and it isn’t perfect so I’ll clean it up in photoshop.  Ha! Perfection is false. It’s all about the process.





I’ve grown since I painted the first wise tree. For every wash and texture that went wrong, I learned–learned how to find my place, to practice and FLOW. Yeah I’ll write books for while.  I rewrote the Ana and George. Ana isn’t a bee anymore. Not sure what animal she’ll be.

I came across the loveliest work twice. A giraffe who stands tall, his neck becoming part of the pattern of birds flying in the sky. The awesome quote treads,” I’m like a bird.” What a wonderful idea!

And the other is an I Heart Guts collection. It’s cute, funny, and unmistakable.

Both of these are unmistakable and creative.  Both are created by artists who simply did.


-There are no impossibilities



That was then…

This is now!



I love the color scheme and the butterfly. I love the idea of the dandelions too.  I like the layout much better  and the color scheme is beautiful….BUT its not the astonishment I hope for.

I imagine this girl or boy having the biggest smile and the warm sun with a breeze…how I love a dandelion wish.

Originally I had the quote…


After the Pete Pan book of course. I do love the letters and the bird. So I clearly have much more practice ahead of me. Why am I showing you my work? However humble my work is right now, its my work and I am proud of it. I want to make friends and share my love of what I do and that’s it.   My art really does remind me of growing and I hope it does for you too.


Starting Wednesday  I will begin a letter a day challenge. I am so excited! Let’s draw letters together!