It’s Valentine’s Day!

There I was, creating all the elements for a Valentine craft table. I’ve been designing lots of classroom character posters with construction paper. Yes pun intended. I realized this is great practice for breaking down drawings into simple shapes. What and idea!

Then I thought about my famous live your story poem, soon to be book. Why not change the color to pink for Valentine’s Day!

Every day is a day to love yo self and when you love yo self…..there are no impossibilites.

pink heart lightbulb

Today I mixed up the right pink. I mixed in a little gray to get a warm pink. I want the book to have a warm inviting vibe. I am so glad I am reusing this old crayola palette to create a color palette of my own.

I thought I could mix up two complementary colors and get the right black gray tone.

Then I painted the idea of how with one spoonful of sugar the sour fades and all you savor is wonderful flavor.

Yeah sums up this wonderful experience I’ve been having lately. Look at this color. You start out with the black and mix in a little pink. Look at all the beautiful tones I made. These tones would not have been possible without black tones. After I painted three hearts I realized I could have made the process more gradual but sometimes you have to go with good enough.

I make lots of art that was…that’s the thing I can’t even say ugly art because it was art that led to this project. All that art had to happen to overcome the 10,000 tries. That’s always a beautiful thing.

Then I was looking at my heart

and realized this sketch makes so much more sense.

The whole idea for the heart is the idea of something so beautiful that you wonder how it ever came to be. Yeah we all have that beauty within us.

Stop thinking and doodle

I remember the carefree days of being a kid and drawing these big block or bubble letters. I would make cards or crafts for the holidays. I never got frustrated when I drew a crooked line instead of a straight line.  None of this mattered.  I recently went back to an awesome class that talks about just drawing.

I let the kid take over. These are some scented markers with crayons. I drew hearts- I love drawing hearts. My favorite color is pink.  You know what I didn’t make any mistakes really. I am happy with the design and even the photo looks good.

There are many awesome tutorials about lettering. But few tell you the mot important element in becoming your artist. Create letters but do it your way…tell your story…that’s what people want to here and see!

Like this art if it makes you smile. That’s all I want to do with my art. If you smile then I smile and that can make someone else smile.


What do you like? I am an artist and I want to share my story with the world. Its an adventurous one. I have been playing with new tools and working on a Peter Pan themed art poster and… this kid’s gonna play

See you Wednesday