Spring Tree + Watercolor

Rpund 2 of painting this tree.

watercolor pink and peach tree

Today I tested out permanent rose. Made tones of peach and yellow with my brush. I painted. With every dab of paint, the gloom seemed to fade away. AND then it hit me. The wonder of nature is a reminder that love is real. The heart shape in the lower right corner was a nice surprise. I painted what I felt. I really need to get higher quality paper. Tomorrow’s Calla Lillies will be painted with a slightly higher quality paper.

Ok as always thanks for reading! Day by day there’s more of you! I would love to see what you’re creating? Tomorrow I’ll spend so time visiting blogs and pinterst pages. Tag me @hellomireya.

Stay healthy!

painting a pink tree

Yes there are pink trees. I was walking in the park the other day, in deep thought, as I often am. Then I look up and among the cool breeze I see this tree.

This pink tree is among many thoughts in my Wise Trees book. I painted it with blobs of watercolor. Oh my goodness my print copy arrives in the mail tomorrow.