3 lesons for creatives

I have all these thoughts in my head. I even had the crazy idea to put together a new skillsharae class. So glad I came to my senses.

Today I am ready to start a new month. I set aside my book and am focused on the entire process creating the live your story book.

So what did I learn?

  • Let the kid PLAY. It was a hugh HUGE deal that I pushed past all of the mistakes and stuck with painting every single day. I’ve played around with texture and color. This play led me to 2 which is…
  • Build a good relationship between what I want to say and the elements of design. In this book I have gotten alot more create with my ideas and it’s been fun.
  • Getting a handle on simple habits like remembering to pencil sketch lighter, letting layers dry so I don’t smudge and most importantly manipulating the brush to do more.

With this book I really had fun and was able to keep resistence in place. The process I went through is literally what this poem is about. In the end I had to trust my ideas. Once I did everything was easy.

Something tells me I should try lettering this with a brown marker. On craft paper? Yes

Now this week I’ll keep up with the 100 sketches on love and the redbubble hearts sticker collection.

It’s going to be good.

Color and textures

Oh if these colors and textures of past projects could talk. They would say… Fear not. I’m part of your process. Feck Perfuction. I was the color who brighten your gloomy days. I was the texture that invited curiosity to play. I was the color that took your tears and said, There now sweet child you’ll be ok. I was the color blue that made you believe. Yes my green helped you paint trees. Why it’s us pink and green that inspired trees. And it’s us the passion of your life. We’ve been through it all. Oh with you by my side life is a ball! Yeah….there are no impossibilities