Painting Poppies

Here’s the first try, sketch and all. What a mess. I took my time sketching and then I messed up. So I took another sheet and painted. No sketching just painted. Mixed up some color. What a masterpiece. I still need lots of details but this is great. The color and poppies in three growingContinue reading “Painting Poppies”

Hand lettering…

my whole book? Well I should think so. This copic marker has worked out great. I really need some new colors. Pink and blue…lots of blues. The best hand lettering happens when you just practice and let your style blossom. I believe in this book and the message. And with that. it’s time to startContinue reading “Hand lettering…”

Draw like…ME

  All of my books are projects with a learning theme. The first book was about overcoming resitence. The second book was about drawing… getting comfortable with my drawing. The hardest part of being an artists is letting go of all the pre-concieved notions…that you can’t…what will they think. Or the infamous but it doesn’tContinue reading “Draw like…ME”