Painting Poppies

Here’s the first try, sketch and all. What a mess.

I took my time sketching and then I messed up. So I took another sheet and painted. No sketching just painted. Mixed up some color. What a masterpiece.

I still need lots of details but this is great. The color and poppies in three growing stages really express others will try but you live your story. Everyone blooms at their own pace with their own beauty. Wait… that’s a storybook lion who was a late bloomer.

A few more leaves, some white acrylic to cover up the mistakes and more details…this is awesome.

Now it’s time to go do some more digitizing.

final sketches – for real

that’s it I’m done will all the sketches. I don’t usually do this on a Sunday but I have a week off. I wanted to finish all of the sketches, set them aside and focus on just for fun projects.

I’ve done the lettering and everything seems like it’s all in the right place. Next week I’ll go over everything like making sure I spelled words right before I ink it. And I need to paint the book cover.

Yeah makes sense to give myself a week to play with texture and technique. Then with a fresh pair of eyes I’ll edit, revise and create the book cover.

Not sure which of these to include.

…the first, but I’ll make a tiny adjustment. Two new James Victore inspired projects, my hearts collection, reading up on picture book publishing and business, organzing files…it’s going to be an interesting week.


Today I looked over every single piece of art. My goal is to have the images complete the idea.

What better way than a door adorned with flowers in the most beautiful pinks and blues to say,”Knock on opportunities’ door and if it doesn’t answer KNOCK More. I originally painted blue hearts in the book illustration but the sporadic pink does fine expressing in the best story isn’t planned. The best story just happens.

In the coming week I will be recreating some of these pieces to better express the ideas. This book has to be fun. I need to paint some groovy Elton John glasses.

These just won’t do.

I got this!

Where’s you?

Things are happening all around me.

I said goodbye to awesome friends.

I start a new classroom.

My childhood school might be closing.

As I walked Roxy today, I tugged on her collar.

I hate that I had to go, and tug, when I know quite well she was enjoying the smells and the sites.

Deep down I felt and feel like the world can do the same.

… why?

I think about my projects and this book.

I want to paint my books and for the world to care.

I know if they do, they’ll smile and happy thoughts will linger awhile.

Are thoughts really things?

I guess it’s important to ask an important question.

The sour times make way for the wonderful times that lay ahead…

Let’s go back to the drawing board and work on this color scheme…

Paint Emotions

I thought this was a ruined mess.

One more try?

This page in the book is about living your story. Each color represents emotions and beautiful moments we experience in our lives. Yellow for happiness.

The shapes and color bring more of a unity.  The shapes should come together to create a beautiful life.

But, the first attempt was pretty good. Let me work on the blues and add some pinks.

Yet again I prove that it does me no good to pressure myself with perfection. Feck Perfuction. Right!  My book came in the mail today and I can’t wait to read it!

I’ve been painting during my auto read of Leonardo da Vinci. What an incredible mind. I too wonder ALL THE TIME.

Draw like…ME


All of my books are projects with a learning theme. The first book was about overcoming resitence. The second book was about drawing… getting comfortable with my drawing. The hardest part of being an artists is letting go of all the pre-concieved notions…that you can’t…what will they think. Or the infamous but it doesn’t look right.


You have to let go of all of that. Yup, the third book was about building my happy place. The third book was about taking my time. I wanted to test ideas and learn. I explored the notion of when it’s time to let the painting die but not the idea.

I drew the first trying to copy what I saw in an amazing photo. I drew the second (right door) after I decided to abandon all pre-concieved notions and paint. I broke the design down to it’s basic shapes and painted away.


Now I think I’ll go shop for a brown pen or marker. I am going to hand letter the words in this book. Oh I have decided I need to make a few changes to the e-books before I publish the paperbacks. It’s all good because there are no imposibilities.